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The PS4 vs. PS4 Slim: how they are alike and how they are different

In late 2016, Sony released two new consoles, the PlayStation 4 Slim and the PlayStation 4 Pro, both updates to the traditional PS4 released in 2013. While the PS4 Pro is aimed at 4K gaming and has stronger virtual reality performance, The PS4 Slim is a smaller and sleeker version than the PS4, replacing it as the base model. If you haven't made the jump yet, we compare the PS4 vs. PS4 Slim so you know your differences and know if it's worth doing.

PS4 Slim



Playstation 4

Dimensions10 inch x 11 x 1.512 inches x 2.09 x 10.83
Weight4.6 pounds6.1 pounds
ProcessorCPU: Eight-core (eight cores) X86 AMD JaguarGPU: 1.84 T-FLOPS, AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next EngineCPU: Eight-core (eight cores) X86 AMD JaguarGPU: 1.84 T-FLOPS, AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next Engine
HDD1TB HDD500GB HDD / 1TB HDD (you can choose a larger disk)
avHDMI OutHDMI out, Digital Output (Optical)
I / O2 x Super Speed ​​USB 3.02 x Super Speed ​​USB 3.0, AUX
ConnectionsEthernet, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-FiEthernet, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi
ControlsDualShock 4 (redesigned)DualShock 4
PS VRS (Sold separately)S (Sold separately)
4KDo notDo not
HDRSS (with patch)
UHD Blu-rayDo notDo not
PS Camera CompatibilityS (Sold separately)S (Sold separately)
Price$ 300Rod
AvailabilityAvailable nowThrough resellers


It is the biggest difference, and practically the only one, between PS4 vs. PS4 Slim. The newer version brings together all the hardware from the original model in a smaller format, reducing its size by almost 30%. Of course, to move to a smaller space, we often have to make sacrifices, but the only loss here is the optical audio port: all other ports and components remain, including the two USB 3.0, Ethernet, HDMI, and AUX.

PS4 vs. PS4 Slim

One of the most puzzling aspects of the original design of the PS4 was its buttons. Switched on Y Expulsion. The original PS4 had two small touch sensors located on the front of the console that were not only difficult to find, but were also placed very close together, so you could often confuse them. The Slim solves this problem with better touch buttons.

The DualShock 4 control also received a minor redesign. The light bar, which dynamically changes color and brightness depending on the actions and context of the game, is no longer just on the front, but also on the top side of the touchpad. This should make it easier to see and appreciate the subtle color changes, which were previously hidden due to the location of the bar. The new DualShock 4 is built into the PS4 Slim.

Both models remain sleek, slightly angular, with a matte black finish and understated PlayStation logos stamped on the box. The edges of the PS4 Slim are smoother than the sharp edges of the original PS4, but in reality there is no significant difference in aesthetic terms. The two consoles reflect that they belong to the same family of devices, something that they even share with the PS4 Pro.

Since it is really the only aspect in which the new PS4 Slim differs from the original version, we are going to give it victory in this category. But if the design doesn't matter much to you, then you can ignore these differences between PS4 vs. PS4 Slim.

Winner: PS4 Slim


When Sony says that the PS4 Slim is the same as the original PS4, in a smaller package, it's no joke. The same GPU, CPU and RAM that work with the original PS4 are on the PS4 Slim, and you can enjoy your video games on both consoles with the same level of performance. You will not see visual or technical improvements in your games.

This extends to new and future features as well, such as HDR imaging (which is being enabled on all PS4 models via a firmware update) and PlayStation VR, with which the PS4 and PS4 Slim are compatible.

Both systems lack the special features that their most powerful brother, the PS4 Pro, has, especially in terms of 4K content.

Winner: tie

Price and availability

The PlayStation 4 Slim is now the standard PS4. It's available for $ 300 with 1TB of storage, and you can often find it at video game stores.

Instead, you will no longer be able to purchase a new launch version of the PS4 on the market. However, you can probably get a second-hand one for less than the PS4 Slim through resellers.

Winner: PS4 Slim


In short, these consoles have almost identical performance. The same goes for the way consoles handle PlayStation VR, in contrast to the more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro. The differences lie solely in the aesthetics of each device and their respective controller models.

The price varies a bit, but with the number of packages, sales and offers available for games and accessories, it is a slight difference. In fact, unless you really care about having a smaller console, or alternatively require optical audio, any comparison here is irrelevant.

The PS4 Slim is a great option, but if you already have a PS4 release model, it's not worth upgrading. If you want to wait a few months, you can also buy the PS5, which will be compatible with the previous version of the PS4.

Winner: tie

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