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The Powerbeats 4 are leaked with the H1 chip, hear Siri and much more

Powerbeats cover

The German newspaper has published today what appear to be stock photos for sale of what will be the new Apple Powerbeats 4, which from what can be seen will be offered in red, black and white.

If we look at the filtered images, we could well think that it is about wired Powerbeats. Due to the publication of the approval of the American FCC for its approval, which the MacRumors page was echoed at the end of last February, headphones are expected to feature the H1 chip, which would translate into the ability to invoke Siri with the voice, a longer battery life in conversation, a connection 1.5 times faster when answering calls and up to 30% lower latency.

powerbeats 4

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In this same report it is said that the sound quality of the Powerbeats 4 will be the same as that of the Powerbeats Proalong with a battery life of up to 15 hours and charge per Lightning connection. Its price? Counting that the Powerbeats Pro are marketed at about 250 and that the Powerbeats 3 at about 200 we intuit that they are an intermediate step between the two, probably closer to 200 than 250.

Apple received green light to launch its new headphones late last month, which means they should be just around the corner. Its launch is expected to take place through a press release at some point not too far away, although in any case, and given the current world circumstances due to the expansion and effects of the coronavirus, it is of little use to speculate, since all this could change overnight and eventually delay the announcement of these new headphones to a date that Apple may consider more appropriate.

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