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The new iPhone 12 and iPhone 9 may be delayed due to the coronavirus

Manzana and specifically the iPhone 12, could be the next victims of the coronavirus. The company will be forced to postpone the launch of the new family of its devices.

According to Bank of America analysts quoted by Bloomberg, the launch would be delayed due to the cut in production from manufacturers associated with Manzana like Foxconn which it is operating at 50 percent of its capacity due to the coronavirus.

Furthermore, experts estimate that the iPhone SE 2 or, better known as iPhone 9, it will be delayed a couple of months despite the fact that it was believed that it would arrive in the first half of this year.

Therefore, Bank of America sources consider that the delay in iPhone SE 2 will make the smartphone be announced in the coming months, but everything will depend on the production capacity between April and May.

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The new ones iPhone 12 and the next iPhone SE 2, are called as although they are not necessarily their official names. Manzana They are not officially announced yet, but it is a fact that they will arrive (we do not know when, but they will arrive).

The iPhone SE 2 comes as a more accessible option for users who don't necessarily require the most ambitious specs on a mobile device and aren't willing to spend a lot, since the smartphone will cost 400 dollars.

For his part, the iPhone 12 It would be a high-end smartphone with the latest generation features that could well compete with other devices such as the Galaxy S20, Huawei P40 or Xiaomi Mi 10.

Manzana It is currently working at 50% of its capacity, due to the measures it has implemented to prevent coronavirus contagions among its workers, and therefore the launches of both smartphones will be affected.

For now, these are simple estimates, but we will have to wait for Manzana Announce if your releases will really undergo some changes or not, a situation that would not be crazy after the havoc the coronavirus has been causing.

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