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The closest thing to an edit button on Twitter

Within the social media market, there are endless options for brands and individuals. The platform of everything for everyone is, of course, Facebook. However, the one who dominates the audiovisual conversation is still YouTube. When it comes to images and inspiration, Instagram and Pinterest are more or less on the same level. For younger people, there is nothing like Snapchat and TikTok. But in quick thoughts and immediacy, the leader is Twitter.

Sure, each of the platforms also has distinctive challenges. YouTube, for example, has several challenges when it comes to the proliferation and monetization of toxic content. In the case of Facebook, his eternal fight is in the privacy of its users and the way in which it handles misleading resources. For Snapchat, well-being and mental health. In the case of Twitter, one of the most annoying challenges is the lack of an edit button.

A platform to edit Twitter posts

For months now, the social network has warned that its publications will never be edited. However, some projects have emerged in order to partially resolve this situation. Among them is Brizzly +, a subscription system that advertises itself as the closest thing to an edit button for Twitter. Of course, this platform does not allow users to directly modify the posts that are already above, but it does give some options.

Among its features is an undo button. This allows users to set a delay for their Twitter posts, which can be up to 10 minutes. In this span of time, people can still edit and modify the post. It is very similar to Gmail's Recall function, which actually retrieves emails in a window of 20 seconds after sending them. However, it should be clarified that it is not an official project.

Or in other words, the platform does not have the direct support of the Twitter team. However, according to Mashable, the official developer account of the social network has publicly recommended the service. Apart from this undo, it also has functions for auto-erasing of tweets and redo posts (which deletes old and uploads a new, updated one). So it is a project worth considering the fans of this website.