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The best tablets to give away: Christmas 2014


The best tablets to give away: Christmas 2014

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December 15, 2014

The tablets they are one of the gifts Most demanded and considering that they are not exactly a cheap gift, it is worth thinking carefully about the best option, which is not always too easy to find out, either. One more year, we will try to help you choose wisely, depending on what the applications that they are going to give it and the features which, therefore, we can consider more important. These are our recommendations.

No expense spared: iPad Air 2

We are going to start in style, for those who can afford to do a gift of authentic luxury and whose only concern is to make sure that it is well received. This is probably the easiest choice of all since if we do not have budget problems and we want to tread on insurance, the clearest option is usually the tablets of Manzanawhich are still Most popular and they are usually devices with a good balance between design and user experience. In addition, they respond well to both more professional use and more casual use.

iPad Air 2

The tablet that has left us this year Manzana, the iPad Air 2, It is one of the most attractive models in the history of the range, perhaps not with as many innovations as the first iPad Air, but with a few very well selected. The one that will most attract our attention, surely, is the dramatic reduction in thickness It has taken place compared to its predecessor and makes it one of the finest tablets on the market. If we add this to their fantastic premium finishes, regarding its appearance, the iPad Air 2 it is faultless. The screen, on the other hand, still has the same resolution of 2048 x 1536, but a new laminate It has increased its contrasts substantially, and now it seems that the glass has practically disappeared. It has also made the leap to 2 GB of RAM and it mounts an even more powerful processor than that of the iPhone 6, the A8X, and its performance has improved substantially, especially in the section on graphic processing, something that most gamers will undoubtedly appreciate.

Price: 489 euros

For those who are determined to make a level gift and, for whatever reason (because it is more comfortable to handle or because the price is somewhat lower) they are considering a tablet of high-endbut of smaller size, we advise in this case to completely forget about the latest generation of the iPad mini, which most experts consider disappointing due to its lack of innovation, and go for the 8.4 inch model Of the new Galaxy Tab S range from Samsung.

Tab S 8.4

It is true that perhaps we are losing something in terms of finishes, if we are lovers of aluminum cases, but in practically any other section in which we compare the tablet of Samsung with that of Manzana the victory is clear for this one, thanks mainly to much superior hardware. But even if we consider his physical appearance there are a few points where the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 it is placed above the latest iPad mini as it is quite lighter and thinner. Its greatest virtue, however, is probably its screen, with a exceptional image quality, and not only for its Quad HD resolution, but also for its colors, contrasts, brightness and energy efficiency. In the opinion of the experts, the screen of the Galaxy Tab S it's probably the best we can find on a tablet right now. In the case of the 8.4-inch model, we also have the added advantage that it is a fairly large screen for the size of the device, thanks to very small frames and a very good optimization of its design, in general.

Price: 399 euros