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The best file apps for Android you can download

Until recently on Android we did not have a native archiving app. Now yes, and it is that before we had to resort to third-party applications. That we now have a file manager as such does not prevent other much better alternatives.

So we have selected you the best file managers that you can currently download. There will be some application that you did not expect in this top, therefore, we invite you to stay until the end and try our alternatives.

The best: Solid Explorer

The best file apps for Android you can download

We start with a main course, called Solid Explorer. The most veteran in Android you will know it, since although it does not have an excessive time in the Google Play Store. It is a manager that stands out powerfully for its design lines and its interface, which are nice and intuitive.

Everything is done from a floating button, and the transition between folders is simple and fast. Furthermore, we can customize the entire interface as we wantAnd everything is so organized that you can go almost anywhere in your memory with a tap. Also, if your device is rooted, you can access the root by configuring it from the settings. Of course, many of these functions are reserved to a paid version.

Files Go, a surprising alternative

The best file apps for Android you can download

We continue with a perhaps unexpected proposal, demonstrating that sometimes the best things are not found in the areas we expect. Files Go, the file manager belonging to Google's Go family of apps, has shown that it is an incredible file app considering the intended audience.

The best file apps for Android you can download

This manager is device ready with Android Go, that is, the ultra slim system for phones with very short specifications. Thanks to this manager we can control even the smallest excess memory, being logical due to the little storage of a phone with Android Go.

It weighs very little, is exquisitely designed and is also used simply and intuitively. It has shown that it can be used on more decent phones and not be relegated to the basic manager for basic mobiles. We love it, and we think Google should make more apps like that.

Xiaomi File Manager

Xiaomi logo

Yes, Xiaomi should be on this list. The Chinese manufacturer has certain applications from its own ecosystem uploaded to the Google Play Store, and its file manager it's just great. Because yes, it does its job, which is to manage our files. But all with a very simple, clear design and tools that add value.

The best file apps for Android you can download

The interface reminds us a lot of MIUI, but with all the sections as simplified as possible so that we cannot get lost or want to. We have 2 sections, one of recent with the latest modifications and device folders. Everything in one hand, next to a feed of the latest files.

We love the File Manager design, because it is absolutely impossible to miss. Everything is so well ordered and with such clarity that managing your files from here is a pleasure. We cannot lose anything, and above all, we know what is happening at all times.

The best file apps for Android you can download

In addition, we have additions such as the possibility of transferring files through My Drop, and also, a cache cleaner which works very well, without deleting anything that is not necessary. We love this manager and believe that it can rival many, not to mention beat them.

Extra: the native Android file app

We ended up with an app that you will not be able to install and that perhaps many do not have, since it is only pre-installed in some "clean" layers of Android, such as Android stock or Android One. It is a file manager that Google enabled in these layers that is directly linked to the storage of our terminal. It is just a shortcut to the app that we use in the settings.

The best file apps for Android you can download

If you have this file manager and you don't need a manager that is too elaborate, then you are facing the perfect option, since It is the minimum we need. We can navigate through the folders, we can view the content and link it to our Gmail accounts by going directly to Google Drive.

If you have it installed and as we have said you do not need more, we recommend do not download anything and limit yourself to it. It is the one that we use the vast majority on a daily basis and we save many headaches. Look it up on your smartphone and tell us.