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The best applications to exercise without leaving home

Woman exercising from homePhoto by Dane Wetton on Unsplash

The coronavirus is forcing you to perform various activities within the home. If you find yourself in that situation, but you don't want to lose your physical condition, we show you some of the best applications to exercise without leaving home. Do you want to lose weight, increase your muscle mass or relax doing yoga? We have all the alternatives covered.

It is a list that we will update over the weeks, with apps that aim to make you adopt exercise as part of your lifestyle. From now on, the limits are set only by you.

Nike Training Club

Man and woman working out indoors

Regardless of your physical level and without going to a gym, the application promises that anyone can find different workouts, from routines that have to do with strength to yoga. Once a session is downloaded, each exercise is explained through audio and video prompts to carry it out in the best way; It is also possible to configure different routines, depending on the time available and the level of physical activity, among other parameters.

iOS Android


Man exercising from home

Once you download it, you must indicate what your goal is: to get fit, strengthen yourself or lose weight. According to the platform, you only need less than 10 minutes a day, a chair and a wall to start a new exercise regimen. The app has a monthly or annual subscription to use all its benefits, and offers a free trial to convince you.

iOS Android

Adidas Training

Adidas Training app interface

If you want to lose weight, tone, burn fat or strengthen the body, this platform offers various workouts to be done at home, without the need for machines or weights, at the time that seems most convenient to you; Likewise, you can create a personalized plan according to the frequency with which you train each week. Each session is accompanied by videos that illustrate how to do each exercise.

iOS Android

Down dog

It defines itself as the best rated application for practicing yoga and promises not to force you to do the same exercise over and over again, since it has more than 60 thousand settings. For beginners, there is the three-day introductory series intended to start the path to multiple practices (from Vinyasa to Hatha). In addition to being able to choose up to six different guide voices, you can download practices to play them in spaces without an internet connection.

iOS Android

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout app interface

For those who always put a pretext of not having time to be fit, they can turn to this application, which, in addition to its renowned routine that takes less than 10 minutes, includes a library of 22 sessions, from the simplest to some quite complex, each with videos showing how to do each exercise. Those who seek not to complicate themselves with mobile development, this is the app that they should download now.

iOS Android


The first thing the app asks you when you start it is: What is your goal ?, and you can choose to get in shape, gain muscle and lose weight. After offering some information about your physical condition, the platform gives you access to personalized workouts, as well as eating plans to help you achieve your goal. Like other of its kind, the exercises are illustrated with videos to perform them in the best possible way.


Daily Yoga

Two girls practicing yoga indoors

Another application for those who prefer to practice yoga; Among its benefits, it offers more than 100 classes for people at all levels, and for those who want to start, tutorials that last approximately two weeks. In addition to detailed data that allows different achievements to be viewed, the platform has an important community that makes it easy to make friends from solving doubts.

iOS Android

Fitbit coach

Yes, it is an application of the renowned brand of smart watches and bracelets, now owned by Google, but it is not necessary that you have a device of this brand to use the app. Among its interesting functions, it stands out that the workouts it provides are modified periodically, according to your progress, in addition to that they can last from 10 to 60 minutes. His clips show how to do the different movements.

iOS Android

Exercises at home

Girl exercising indoorsPhoto by Evieanna Santiago on Unsplash

If what you are interested in is strengthening your muscles, but you do not have much time, this application integrates routines to work the abdomen, chest, legs, arms and buttocks, mainly, without the need for special equipment; And to make sure you are doing the different routines correctly, it comes with different visual guides.

iOS Android

* Updated by Luis Miguel Paredes on March 13, 2020.

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