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That the iPad has an official trackpad means the biggest change in the history of the Apple tablet

keyboard trackpad ipad

About the new Apple operating systems, such as iOS 14 or iPadOS 14, we still know little, just a leak of the possible remodeling of multitasking. However, a last minute rumor makes us think that especially iPadOS 14 could be a real revolution for the iPad, a revolution that many were looking forward to.

Apparently, Apple is working on a Smart Keyboard for the next iPad Pro that will incorporate a trackpad. For months iPadOS 13 has been natively compatible with a mouse and trackpad, but it is a secondary option within the accessibility functions It is more intended to help than to be productive.

For this reason, in the event that the rumor of this new keyboard is true, the official arrival of a trackpad only it may mean that in iPadOS 14 we will see a considerable change in the way of using the iPad, at least at specific times.

iPadOS mouse

iPadOS 14 can be a revolution

Apple has always tried to position its iPad as an alternative to laptops, and in many cases you are right. If you use your iPad to write and take notes, for office automation or for many other uses that the apps from the App Store allow, the iPad is magnificent. It is faster, lighter, and more battery-powered than most laptops of its price.

However there is still a space for professionals who find it more difficult to work without a keyboard and without a desk like the one we have in macOS or Windows, and iPadOS could directly target this niche.

Apple does not stitch without thread and if you have decided to introduce a trackpad is because the new iPad operating system is going to incorporate a new form of control using a much more advanced mouse than we have. We cannot know if it is something designed for exclusive applications or if the entire iPad can be controlled by gestures on this trackpad, but what we can understand is that the change will be important.

mouse ipad ios 13

What does seem clear is that Apple incorporate applications with support for this trackpad, it is strange that Apple launches this keyboard with trackpad and does not use it. Currently I can't think of many current Apple apps for iPad that can get a lot out of the trackpad, however there are two that have been rumored for a long time that will be ideal: Final Cut Pro and Xcode. Professional video editing and application development applications are two candidates for coming soon to iPadOS and the trackpad will greatly help professionals who would like to use them.

In this way Apple would go one step further with its operating system for iPad, which became independent from iOS almost a year ago and that seems to continue incorporating exclusive news in the next updates. We will see how this presumable new function of iPadOS 14 turns out, but between the power of Apple's processors and the arrival of the mouse, an exciting new path opens up before the iPad.