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Tell me what ship you have and I'll tell you what kind of movie you are

Spaceships are a fundamental component of science fiction movies. Their transit on the big screen indicates irreplaceable characteristics of what we will see and, in and of themselves, they constitute characters with a particular essence.

Just remember the Star Warso Millennium Falcon the Enterprise of Star Trekquizs as the most iconic ships in this universe.

The truth is that an illustrator from the Jalopnik site Jason Torchinsky, built a spectacular explanatory poster where he orders the types of science fiction tapes, depending on the type of ship.

types of spaceships

The classification of the ships and the type of film it represents.

  • Class 0: Retro-looking rockets. They can be seen in films like Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers. Generally it is classic or older cinema, and they also mix aged effects and especially a good dose of comedy.
  • Class 1: Real or quasi-royal ships. Here we have as an example films like Apollo 13, Marooned or Gravity. They are defined as real ships that man has built, and that have participated in feats such as the arrival of man on the Moon or trips by NASA or the Russians. But they can also project futuristic human mission ships into space.
  • Class 2: Modular ring ship. Interstellar, 2001 Space Odyssey or Lost in Space are in this category. They are ships that symbolize a possible future for humanity, with specific missions and that generally start badly, develop in a climax of tragedy and end in an odyssey.
  • Class 3: Consistent design ship. Basically this category is Star Trek. β€œThe technology they are talking about does not exist, but it tries to work hard on the scientific side. The ships have minimalist designs but with a lot of personality and are full of engineering details ”
  • Class 4: Anything goes with maximum detail. Alien, the MCU or Star Wars are good examples. These are ships of great proportions, "a huge ship, crowded with antennas, ports, cannons and extravagant details you know that you are facing one of those Space Operas in which the technology is basically indistinguishable from magic."
  • Class 5: Luxury space cruise. Fifth Element, Avenue 5 and Passengers fall into this category. More than science fiction movies as such, they are ships that are the excuse to talk about other things and that could happen on any surface.
  • Class 6: Giant Saucer. Independence Day, District 9 or War of The World are perfect examples. It basically symbolizes alien warfare with the inhabitants of Earth. Massive destruction of cities is a great ingredient.
  • Class 7: Simple or biometric ship. Arrival, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, or 2001 Space Odyssey fall into this category. β€œOften mysterious and impossible to understand for the human being. These ships are typical in science fiction movies with abundant philosophy and existential questions. "
Spaceships and movies

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