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Supercampeones arrive on ios and Android

One of the unforgettable series of which we are now all adults is undoubtedly the superchamps, since with their so fantastic plays that took the entire chapter they made us get excited and want to be players.

This news will excite many who were fans of the superchamps since they have returned, with the only difference that now you can take them on your mobile so that these exciting plays you never forget. Is about Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, a title specifically for Smartphone, which was inspired by the famous anime of the eighties that surely many still remember.

The mechanics of the game are very different from what we are used to seeing in FIFA games, since this time the players are presented as chips on a board which have automatic movement that when they meet the opposing team, that is when the master plays, which have the same style to the series.

As expected, as we see in the series each character has his special movements that distinguish him from others, such as the unforgettable Oliver Atomy sutiro of the eagle, among other characters with his special judas.

It should be noted that Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team was already available for Japan since last June, the good news that excited those who were fans of the series, is the arrival of the game worldwide starting next month, which you can download for iOS as well as for Android totally free and best of all, it would be available in six languages: English, Italian, German, French, Chinese and of course also in Spanish.

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