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Steve Wozniak wants a foldable iPhone

Steve Wozniak wants a foldable iPhone

Steve Wozniak, Apple's cofounder engineer, talks about the urgency of a foldable iPhone.

James Martin / CNET

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple also known for his interviews and comments on the current situation of the firm returns to the headlines after being promulgated regarding folding cell phones.

"Apple has long been a leader in areas like Touch ID, Face ID and easy phone payments," Wozniak said in an interview with Bloomberg. "He is not a leader in areas like flip phones, and that worries me because I really want a flip phone."

Foldable phones are a very new trend. Only a couple of manufacturers Samsung and Huawei are testing the honeys of these phones with much to prove. Phones like Galaxy Fold or the Huawei Mate X They must prove functional, resilient, and worth their prices of around $ 2,000.

Apple, true to its style of waiting to jump into a new trend, has no plans for now to launch a foldable iPhone. While the company has a cell phone with these characteristics in the oven, the company will wait until 2020 or 2021 to launch it.

Bloomberg's interview with Wozniak lasts about 10 minutes. The well-known engineer also spoke about artificial intelligence and its social impact as a threat to human jobs; the future of cryptocurrencies, Mark Zuckerberg and his preference for Roku over an Apple TV.

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