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Square Love is a nice casual game in which to find the lover

Square Love is a nice casual game in which to find the lover

Square Love is a nice puzzle in which we have to join two hearts in order to end the level. The idea is not new, but because its developers are Spanish, we have taken a moment to try some of its 150 levels.

A pixelated title in which we have to move the friendly protagonist from wall to wall Aiming to find his better half waiting for him at the end of the level. If we say that at the beginning it is quite easy, the thing will be complicated by different elements. Go for it.

Square love

Square Love starts simple enough and for us to understand that the protagonist's displacement is based on lateral and vertical until it hits a wall. It will be there when we have the option of using the other directions to scroll through the rest of the level until you find your beloved.

As we have said, there are more games that are based on this gameplay, but it is true that Square Love has that special point of "love" which makes it a little different. What in principle is quite easy, is complicated when we have different elements on the way to the beloved, or when suddenly we have more suitors.

And that really these same they will help us or complicate our path towards our beloved. Yes, they will help us to lean on them (as sometimes happens in real life) so that we can find the right direction for that heart that follows us with its gaze.

Over 150 levels in Square Love

Square love

Not only do we have this series of disruptive elements, but we have 150 levels. And do not expect that the level stays in the same space of the screen, but that there are very extensive and complicated. We will have those same "I" that will move in unison, but that according to the level design, made by hand, will allow us to get closer to the objective.

We have come to play quite a few and have started to encounter more extensive levels. We understand that as we move forward, as we have seen from other screenshots on the Square Love product page, which they get complicated and it will take us more than a few minutes in finishing them.

Apart from what has been said, we have special power-ups to add that special touch to the gameplay and the achievements with which we can nibble if we end up finishing the game completely; We can always choose this other variant as casual and it is very striking: Squish Machine.

A simple and humble game

Square love

In the end we were left with a pleasant experience animated by that visual style and for how essential love is always in every nook and cranny of our lives. A game in which you can see that there is a lot of pampering, although it is always open to better optimizations such as the action of moving, which sometimes gives the feeling that it is a little slow (we mean that it is more immediate since you click the action of movement).

Visually it is an attractive game and that has its that. If it would be nice if there were more characters to unlock as the beloved was changing. Environments may also be subject to change for added variety. In short, a casual game with its mime and that is able to cajole the first change. A recommendation, give him a few levels to find that difficulty sought.

Square Love is a new Spanish casual that we give you an opportunity from these lines and that we also recommend that you try. It has enough levels to be the casual sought after for those moments of the day in which we want time to pass quickly, such as in the queue for the bus or while we are on the metro in Madrid.

Editor's opinion

A well-worked casual and in which the central axis is love. Its 150 levels are quite a challenge.