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Spotify Launches "Hey Spotify" Feature To Compete With Siri And Google Assistant

Spotify on iPhone

From Spotify they are planning to launch a new function of voice activation in your iOS and Android mobile applications.

It appears that this feature will allow users to play Spotify songs, albums, playlists, and probably search for songs. But voice activation will only work if the application is open.

"When enabled, Spotify will listen to Hey Spotify when the app is open and on your screen."

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The new "Hey Spotify" functionality

Jane Manchun Wong, an expert engineer at discovering new features and vulnerabilities, wanted to share her finding about Spotify's new feature on Twitter:

"Spotify is working on Hey Spotify voice activation."

It is important to mention that, currently, the function is in a trial period. In other words, it is not officially available to all users. It is more, It is unknown whether or not Spotify will decide to publicly launch the voice activation “Hey Spotify” (Which will probably be translated as "Hey Spotify" in Spain). Additionally, software developers may change some aspects of this feature before it reaches all audiences.

Users must accept the necessary permissions so that Spotify can access the microphone and recognize their voice. Also, the fact that the feature is only available when the app is in the background makes it a little less useful. But it is more than anything. Another reason that Spotify seems to be working on its own hardware. It is curious that at this point the company has not yet launched a smart speaker or any other similar product.

What do you think about this curious new feature of Spotify?