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Snaky Squares, the snake game in three dimensions

For all of us who once had a phone with a physical keyboard, if something could not be missing in our summers of the first decade of the 2000s, that was the snake game. And although in Google Play we can find an assorted catalog of Snake games (not to mention, which Snaky Squares offers us a further step: it is the snake game in three dimensions. Yes, in 3D.

Snaky Squares It is available for download completely free of charge in the Google Play store, and at this link you can see a video of the game in operation. Although it is very far from the magic that the mythical Snake of the Nokia transmitted, I must admit that it is a fairly successful game, with levels that become more complicated as we grow the snake.

Snaky Squares, the 3D snake game

The snake game in three dimensions

Snaky Squares It works under the same philosophy as the original snake game, with the only difference that what we have to catch are yellow balls on a blue background (and it turns out that the snake itself is red … of course, the combination of colors is striking).

As for the controls, the game does not have any virtual "joystick" on the screen (which does have since a recent update, for example), and the control is done by clicking on one or another place on the screen depending of the place where we want to direct the snake. I would say that the snake handles comfortably, although I am not going to deny that at first it does something strange to move the snake without any control on the screen.

On the other hand, I have also been taking a look at other alternatives to 3D snake games and I have found very varied titles that you can give a chance at some point of boredom: Snake 3D (available here) or Snake Legends (available here, the latter is most curious) are two of the few alternatives in condition.