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Snakebird, an entertaining puzzle game with a snake

It looks like this week is going to be snake games. We recently showed you Snaky Squares, and this time we came to talk about Snakebird, a game that despite the obviousness of its title has little or nothing to do with the Snake that the Nokia used to incorporate. In this case we are facing a title of puzzles that, at first, we guarantee that it will not leave you indifferent.

For starters, in Snakebird the protagonist is a bird-headed snake (or a bird with a snake's body, depending on how you look at it), and our objective is none other than to bring the animal in question to the exit of each of the available scenarios (there are ten in total ). Does it sound easy? Well wait to see how the game becomes from the second level.

Snakebird, take the snake-bird to the exit … if you can

The mechanics of Snakebird There is no mystery: the red "bichejo" that you can see on each stage is under your control, and you are responsible for getting it to the exit of each level, which is always represented by a multi-colored icon . The animal in question must always be in contact with the ground, and can only move from square to square (both sideways and up and down).

The snake that stars in the game Snakebird it feeds on fruits, and for each fruit it consumes it increases its size by one square. In itself, getting to eat the fruits without falling off the stage you will see that it is a complex task, but it is that on top of that it turns out that these fruits are essential for the snake to grow enough to reach the exit of the stage.

The Snakebird Puzzle Game

The first levels of Snakebird They may seem easy, but after the third scenario, it becomes really interesting. And if that were not enough, it turns out that the creator has designed the scenarios in such a way that many times the most obvious path is not even the right path.

Snakebird It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store. The downside of this game is that, despite being free to download, it turns out that the only way to unlock the remaining 45 levels is to buy the paid version. And you have to like the game a lot so you can spend the 5.23 euros that all levels cost.