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Samsung works on a 150 megapixel sensor, and debut on a Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 cameras detail

Samsung has been manufacturing its own photographic sensors under the ISOCELL brand for some time, that we can see in numerous terminals that use their hardware instead of the usual Sony, among them, in fact, the Samsung Galaxy S20 family, the new terminals of the Korean company, which release a 108 megapixel sensor that we had only seen before in the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 that, by the way, we analyzed a few months ago.

This alliance as a supplier and client between Samsung and Xiaomi is quite curious, but the truth is that it seems to be working for both of them quite well. And just like what happened with this 108 megapixel sensor, the The first mobile phone to carry the 150 megapixel sensor that the Korean company is working on will be a Xiaomi brand, something that draws attention and that speaks of the good relationship between the two companies.

Samsung is working on a 150 megapixel sensor that we will see for the first time in a Xiaomi

As we have mentioned, Samsung is working on a photographic sensor of no more or less than 150 megapixels, an extremely large resolution that can have many professional and commercial applications, but in which it is necessary to work a lot on the part of the developers to obtain a processing that is worthwhile and that makes this resolution a real added value, and that it can cope with the best terminals on the market in terms of photography.

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<p>This sensor would be an improved version of the 108 megapixel, as rumors from Korea that we will see for the first time in the last quarter of this year in a high-end Xiaomi terminal, ?Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 finally? <strong>began to appear on terminals of other companies throughout the first months of 2021,</strong> Perhaps including Samsung itself in its high-end terminals next year, although this is only assumptions.</p>
<p>This sensor from the Korean company arouses much interest in us due to this great resolution, however, <strong>there must be significant software work behind the sensor,</strong> since in these large resolutions, quality processing is essential to take advantage of it, since, as we have seen in the Mi Note 10, photographs at 108 megapixels can be very useful in certain aspects, but they are not perfect for all situations.</p>
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And, as has happened with the Xiaomi terminal sensor, we imagine that Samsung first let some manufacturers use it and then implement it in one of its range ships, which will surely be the Galaxy S of early 2021 – or at least one of them – which are the ones that, currently, have the most ballots to implement this new sensor, which increases the resolution a little more than we have ever seen on a smartphone, although, personally, I think that at the moment it is unnecessary since the applications it has are not going to be used by the vast majority of users who can use it.

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