The puzzle RPG that did not succeed on the Amazon Fire Phone: Saber's Edge

Puzzle and RPG game set in pirates: Saber's Edge

The Saber’s Edge story is a bit bitter. It was originally developed for the Amazon Fire Phone, the mobile of the most universal store that, irony of fate, did not know how to sell. It has taken a while to get to all Android, but we already have it here: its combination of RPG, puzzle and turn-based game is ready for you to download.

Let's say that they combine the RPG, the puzzles, a game mechanic in the style of Candy Crush Saga and the typical pirate setting. What a cocktail, right? Well, the result not only appeals, it also offers large doses of fun. Do not miss it and give it a try, it is worth it.

The universe of a role-playing game based on pirates with the mechanics of joining pieces on a board

It has no excessive mystery, at least initially. We will start with a couple of crew and we will have to advance in the game defeating the enemies through attacks. How are they made? Here comes the part of the puzzles: We will have a 6X6 board with pieces of different colors that we must unite with strokes. The more pieces joined together the more damage we will get.

The battle mechanics may seem simple, but it will get more complicated as RPG elements come into play. Various attacks, weapons, spells, characters who will enter the scene contributing their skills … Once we get a good group of pirates, the difficulty will increase as the combinations of elements also increase.

It will not only be necessary to fight, also to cross islands and discover new territories. All for free and with the relevant in-app purchases to get more benefits. Saber’s Edge is extensive and has the commitment of developers to keep it updated. All a guarantee to give it a try.

Saber’s Edge combines different genres obtaining an excellent result

The puzzle RPG that did not succeed on the Amazon Fire Phone: Saber's Edge

The graphics keep the air of a classic RPG with attractive effects on attacks and defenses. It is very extensive, it offers a multitude of different combinations and elements, the basis of the combats is simple and, on the contrary, we will sweat to destroy the different bosses. It is worth a try.

You can download Saber’s Edge from the following link to the Google Play Store. Perfect for juicing on long and tedious summer afternoons.