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New feature in WhatsApp voice memos

WhatsApp has given a lot to talk about in recent days, with the new icons and some improvements that are planned for the groups. But one of the most notorious is in the voice memos, more specifically in the way of sending them.

Since the start of WhatsApp, voice memos have been present, and unfortunately the way to send them has not changed much, the traditional way of holding the button while we speak is maintained and when you release it, the message is sent. This was a bit awkward, especially when we sent very long audios, sometimes even moving your finger and sending the audio regardless of whether we did not finish talking.

It was only a matter of time for WhatsApp to copy Telegram and add the new function, one that is very comfortable, since it prevents us from holding down the button to record the audio. Yes, this option is already enabled on iOS, but we hope it won't take long to get to WhatsApp for Android.

The best thing is that we should not move a particular configuration or setting, we just have to wait for the update to activate this function by itself. Pressing the button to record audio will show us a new option to slide your finger up, with this we can continue recording the audio regardless of whether we stop pressing the button.The funny thing is that if you do not slide your finger up, it will be cut when you release the button, so if you do not like the new method, you can continue using the traditional method.

This is a good option for the occasions when we want to send long audios and stop worrying about the audio being cut to the half of talking. As we already said,not yet available for Android,But since it is already working on iOS, it is only a matter of time until it reaches the terminals with our favorite operating system, the always reliable Android.

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