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The Bionic A12Z of the iPad Pro 2020 breaks Antutu: more than 700,000 points

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We recently saw how Apple unveiled the newest generation of its iPad Pro. The iPad Pro 2020 will be available at 11-inch and 12.9-inch models. One of the most notable novelties is the inclusion of new Bionic A1Z chipset. The latter seems to be based on the current Bionic A12, but with some improvements to give it an extra boost of power.

Now, the 11-inch variant of the new iPad Pro 2020 has gone through the benchmark platform Antutu. Thanks to this, some interesting details about your specifications. We can also see the highest score achieved in such a device.

iPad Pro 2020 and its new chipset Bionic A1Z

It is interesting to see that Apple chose to call this chip A12Z, while the new iPhone includes an A13 SoC. The funny thing is that the name could indicate that the A12Z is ​​"weaker" than the second. Nevertheless, this is very far from reality. The Bionic A13 from the iPhone 11 series features a six-core CPU and a four-core GPU. The A12X, found on last year's iPad Pros, has an eight-core CPU and a seven-core GPU. Now him iPad Pro A12Z chipset 2020 has a Eight-core CPU and an eight-core GPU.

The unit under test in Antutu has 6GB of RAM, being 2GB more than last year's iPhone models, which can be a huge improvement. The new iPad is also running iOS on your iOS version 13.4. Finally, it has 128 GB of internal storage.

The Bionic A1Z tested in Antutu

The CPU is roughly equal to an iPad Pro from last year. However, the additional core added to your GPU represents a 9% increase in GPU score. It's worth noting that last year's iPad Pro was already a monster when it comes to gaming. Therefore, it is sure that the new GPU will definitely improve what was already good.

The overall score is also the best ever seen in Antutu. The tablet got a score of 712,218, breaking the barriers established so far. It is true that comparing benchmark results between different platforms is not always ideal. After all, there are multiple variables in this process, like the operating system itself. Nevertheless, you get almost 100,000 more points compared to its rivals with Snapdragon 865.

Apple tablets have established themselves as very useful tools not only for entertainment, but also for work. For this reason, the Cupertino giant does not notice equip them with great levels of power.


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