Microsoft Teams free for everyone, this is the new messaging application for work

Microsoft Teams free for everyone, this is the new messaging application for work

Many may only use WhatsApp as an application to communicate, but there is life beyond this application. Microsoft has already launched its new messaging application for everyone, although it has a different approach than the one you already know.

Messaging applications for work have a different purpose than applications like WhatsApp. The first advantage of these applications is that you can separate the conversations of your work and personal life in different applications, but there is much more. We tell you about the virtues of Microsoft Teams.

Free Microsoft Teams for everyone

Does the Microsoft Teams messaging app ring a bell? It is probable, since it is not new in itself. It was introduced by Microsoft in late 2016, only back then it was reserved only for users of Office 365, Microsoft's paid office suite.

It is an application dedicated solely to being able to talk to our coworkers, in the same way as applications like Slack. The difference? Well, after all, it is a messaging application with which we can make calls, video calls and send messages and files.

It is possible that when you go to install the application it tells you that the account does not work because you do not have Office 365. Quiet, it is not an error, since you will have to access your Microsoft account to enable it. Activating it is as simple as going to the following website and activating our Microsoft account.

Once inside, you can invite your contacts to join in a much easier way. Keep in mind that not everyone will have to go through that step.

What Microsoft Teams offers us

  • Chats with individual and group conversations.
  • We can create work teams.
  • Sending images, GIFs, and text in various formats such as bold, italics, or color highlighting.
  • We also have the Skype emojis.
  • Sending files, with its own section.
  • Group calls and video calls.
  • We can mark messages as important.
  • Mute chats.

A much more powerful PC and web version

In the web version you can share a web page in the conversations.

Something that has surprised us testing the new Microsoft Teams is that the web version is even more powerful, since it adds a kind of tabs to conversations or groups. In these tabs we can add collaborative documents or even a web page that can be seen from the same section. Features that are not yet visible in the mobile version.

We also have a meme maker, I doubt it's useful to work with but.

Does Microsoft Teams make sense? The safest thing is that if you already used the Office 365 office suite at work, surely you were already using it, in the same way that G-Suite users have access to the corporate version of G-Suite.

If you communicate on WhatsApp at work and Slack never caught your attention, perhaps this is a good opportunity to start separating private and professional life on your mobile.