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Microsoft Sudoku is the best sudoku for your Android mobile

Microsoft Sudoku

There is nothing simpler and that greater vice causes a good Sudoku. And it is this same thing that for days we have on Android with Microsoft Sudoku. We can almost say that we are facing the best Sudoku that we can find right now on Android.

All a version that allows us to enjoy that game It was invented in the late 70's and is capable of surpassing the most prodigious minds. A mathematical game in which we have to know how to put the missing number in the appropriate square.

6 levels of difficulty for beginners as well as experts

Microsoft Sudoku

Sudoku is a mathematical game in which we have to put in the empty boxes a series of numbers from 1 to 9. Let's say that all the rows of the puzzles are missing a series of empty boxes. In other words, one of them is missing a number from 1 to 9. This occurs both in the rows, in the columns and in the sections of 3 × 3 boxes.

Microsoft Sudoku

With this premise, a math game that makes us think and we consume gray matter to be able to solve all those puzzles that await us in Microsoft Sudoku. In fact there are 6 levels, from beginner to more expert, so if you have never played a game, you already know where to start.

For those of you who know it from the Xbox, you should know that you can start account with your account to follow the games. And this fact makes it a cross-platform game so we can understand by finding a section dedicated to it from the settings.

Large amount of sudokus in Microsoft Sudoku

Microsoft Sudoku

Microsoft Sudoku presents us from the classic mode, and that has hundreds of levels for all kinds of players, to that more challenging mode and that is the irregular mode. This irregular mode is a whole new mode in which the rulers are the same, but in which the grids have irregular shapes. This presents a challenge for the most expert players who are looking for new sensations.

Microsoft also us offers 3 unique daily challenges and another way icebreaker and in which every time we place a number a seismic wave is generated that breaks the ice. In other words, Microsoft has released a great game with many modes, great content and a great visual design.

We even have 4 different themes for the games to adapt to our way of understanding a game in its visual form. In other words, each of these changes the theme of the game, just like what happened with the great and new Tetris that you have available in the Play Store for your enjoyment and pure vice.

Pure sudoku vice

Microsoft Sudoku

Microsoft also presents different configurations to help us in the departure. From blocking duplications, showing bugs or showing all notes. And being in the cloud, you will be able to stop or follow a game to return to it whenever you want. Come on, you've created a round game!

Visually the truth, that in order to be such a simple game because of mathematics, draws attention with that minimalism and those 4 themes that are capable of multiplying the gaming experience by ten. You can see that it is a game visually adapted to today and this is appreciated.

Microsoft Sudoku you have it you have it for free from the Google Play Store, although it has a monthly subscription for € 2 that eliminates advertising, doubles experience points and gives more gold coins per game. If you were looking for something new and addictive and you have not played a sudoku, you are already taking a while to go through the tutorial that in minutes will teach you everything you need to know to really corrupt. All a great arrival at the Play Store to enjoy its simplicity and genius.

Editor's opinion

A whole Sudoku on your free Android mobile, with many modes and a great presence in the visual.

The best

  • Its minimalism visually
  • Large number of levels and game modes
  • The best tutorial to learn how to play


  • If you don't want advertising you have to pay monthly

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Microsoft Sudoku

Microsoft Sudoku