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ideal app for your heart with Apple Watch

Although by itself the Apple Watch in conjunction with the Apple Health app is capable of giving a lot of information about the state of our hearts, the truth is that it is the ecosystem of applications that greatly enhance the possibilities of this Apple device. Of all the developers who populate the App Store, there is one that stands out in particular for its applications.

Two of them, out of the three it has in its portfolio, are usually at the top of the most downloaded paid apps for iOS and Apple Watch, and the reason lies in their quality. For many, Autosleep has become the default app for measuring sleep and overall fitness, given its simplicity and precision. Heartwatch is another of these apps top tier that they get all the juice out of the Apple Watch's heartbeat sensor, and that since its inception has shown its enormous potential.

Now, the app is updated to version 4 with a total change in both the iPhone app and the Watch app. In this way, it is put back on the front line and demonstrating what a good developer is capable of with a device like the Apple Watch and how important it can be for the user to have an ecosystem as powerful as the one it supposes the iPhone and Watch on the one hand, and Autosleep and Heartwatch on the other.

On the one hand, HeartWatch has solved one of its biggest pitfalls: until now the application had a somewhat confusing interface that, together with the amount of data it offered, made the least expert user get lost in it. With the new version, the application has been simplified in a single window with different tabs that allow access with a tap to more information and, above all, to the trends that are what really allow Make us an image of our general health, well-being or development of training.

And it is that the application not only offers the same data as before, but also adds new options in a simplified way with the focus since the user can easily detect trends in their health status. Now it also includes HRV measurements and, above all, a more advanced analysis of activity trends, allowing you to configure specific goals that vary from day to day and that can be complementary to Apple's activity goals. being able to set a daily goal Activity, Steps or Distance depending on our state of health, general and historical performance.

Goals that are dynamic As we say and that can be a way to replace Apple's when taking into account our performance to increase or decrease as we find, a perfect way to include something that many have been asking Apple for: the possibility of setting dynamic goals or days of rest that use all the bulk of our data history to make personalized recommendations.

More data, better contextualized

The truth is that one of the strengths of HeartWatch 4 lies in the contextualization of the data. Although the previous versions of the application already offered a large number of graphics to have an accurate picture of how our heart is working, Heartwatch 4 introduces the trend overlay from 6 weeks to 12 months, also allowing other metrics to overlap.

Trend charts are available for all metrics offered by the application: sedentary heart rate, active heart rate, heart rate at rest, heart rate in sleep, HRV, movement, activity, steps, exercise and up to body indicators like weight or BMI, provided they are collected in health.

Regarding training, although we do not have trends beyond the heart rate, we have added the load in training sessions and the distribution of these by calories, time or load in 6-week trends. Individually maintain the distribution of the heart rate by zones, the average, maximum and minimum effort of the session, as well as a specific dedicated graph for each training session with the fluctuation of the heart rate and its color representation by HR zones.

If you were a HeartWatch user, it will take a while to get used to accessing the content, while depending on whether you make a short or long pressure on a specific tab the information it displays is different. Although it is somewhat confusing in the first measures, what is most appreciated in this version 4 is the simplification of the interface, which although it allows to continue accessing the same number of data as before, it is now much more visual, simpler and, in In our opinion, everything is more balanced for the average user.

Although some functionalities are missing in terms of trend, such as being able to include food energy as another indicator to compare trends and how it affects heart rate or training load, HeartWatch 4 is an application that, in conjunction with Autosleep, has everything you need to extract the most juice from the data generated by the watch.

New complications, new app for the Watch

Along with the iPhone app, HeartWatch has also updated its Watch app, highlighting the inclusion of custom movement, distance or step targets, new customizable complications as well as warnings for training zones. Logically, the app for the Watch is somewhat more limited, but notifications of both the heart rate and the evolution of our physical activity throughout the day They are much better than those offered by Apple, since when dealing with dynamic objectives, they change throughout our day depending on performance.

In addition, the app allows in this new version to customize the metric displayed in the different complications (allowing to put several different ones in the same sphere with different measurements), such as puslo, average pulse of the day, sedentary pulse average, movement or steps .

Also included is a new complication for the modular infographic sphere in the form of a graph that will be updated throughout the day and that shows, in addition to the average heart rate, the evolution of it by colors throughout the day in a way, in our opinion, much more visual than the Apple standard.

HeartWatch 4 is available on the App Store for 4.49 euros requires WatchOS 4 or higher (WatchOS 6.1.3 or higher recommended) and iOS 12 or higher (iOS 13.3.1 or higher recommended).