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Huawei P8 is now official, know the details

Huawei P8 is official

Today is April 15 and just a few minutes ago Huawei has officially presented its new flagship, the Huawei P8 at an event in London. About this terminal we already knew multiple data due to all the leaks that we had already told you about in recent days. As usually happens, the leaks have been confirmed almost entirely and Huawei presents us with an interesting terminal.

As is typical in this Huawei family, the Huawei P8 will be built in a unibody aluminum body, giving it an extremely elegant look, that is, based clearly on the designs of the iPhone of the previous generation and being Available in 4 different colors. As for the screen, the Huawei P8 mounts a panel of 5.2 inches in FullHD resolution, occupying the incredible amount of 78% of the frontal. To power the entire terminal, the Huawei P8 has a 2600 mAh battery, which at first glance seems insufficient but Huawei guarantees that it will last the full day for the most demanding users.

Huawei P8 is official

Inside the Huawei P8 we will find its own processor the HiSilicon Kirin 930/935, an octacore with big.LITTLE architecture that guarantees us to move the entire terminal fluently, accompanied by 3 GB of RAM. Regarding storage, we find 16GB and 64GB versionsThat is, expandable through MicroSD card, although to access this function we must give up one of the two SIM cards that we can use in this Huawei P8.

The Chinese firm has put special emphasis on the camera and it is not for less, taking into account the current market. In this case we find a Self-produced 13 megapixel camera, the first in the world to be RGBW, this means that it captures a greater range of colors since the sensor is based on 4 colors to make the rest, instead of the 3 that the rest of the cameras use. In the functions implemented by Huawei in this camera we find some very interesting, such as the director mode, in which we can connect several smartphones while recording, and be controlled with the Huawei P8, for as take much more elaborate videos. Another of its functions is to leave the sensor open capturing light for a few seconds, to obtain results such as the following images, with the addition that we can see the result before taking the photo. In case you want see some photos taken by the terminal Here is a link to the Huawei Instagram account where you can see them.

Huawei P8 is official

Little more to say about the Huawei P8, only that in the presentation it has been excessively compared to the iPhone 6, but it must be said that according to the images, this Huawei P8 it comes well loaded as far as the camera is concerned. The terminal will go on sale over the next month, in many countries including Spain, and will have a starting price of 499 for the 16 GB version. Personally, the phone has impressed me a lot, What do you think about the Huawei P8? Do you think it is up to its competitors?