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Huawei forecasts a fall in sales for 2020 due to Google services

Huawei It is currently the second firm that sells the most smartphones worldwide. In fact, it closed 2019 with a sales record that disguised the problems between the brand and the United States due to the fact that almost its entire line of devices still had the services of Google (GMS), however, this year no launch could Having the GMS, and the company knows that this will affect the sale of equipment in Europe and America.

And is that according to Engadget reports, Huawei estimates a each 20% in smartphone sales, which could cause the company to lose the second position in the table of the best-selling brands, and also allow Samsung to take an important advantage, which at the end of 2019 was minimal.

In fact, if we consider that several iPhone models were
of the best sellers in 2019, and that Apple has worked the strategy of
the cheap iPhone, then maybe this year the company of
Cupertino takes the place of Huawei, since Xiaomi and OPPO are still far as
so that by the end of 2020 they can become global sales sub-leaders
behind Samsung.

China can help cushion the every

Where sales may not drop, but even
increase is in China, a country where not having Google services is
Irrelevant. In addition, in China they are protectionist with their products, and since
Since the US veto began on Huawei, several campaigns have been made to buy
phones from the Chinese firm and not betting on North American teams like the

On the other hand, where a much larger sales drop is expected is in Europe, which is where the firm has presented its international launches in recent years, and where it has also grown significantly due to the technology of its teams.

However, both in Europe and America (basically in
the West) we are dependent on Google services, so despite
that the Mate 30 Pro is a great team is not a 100% recommended phone for
many users will have to do some additional steps to install
the GMS, or, live without them and with the problem that this entails.

Even with these problems on the table, the Chinese firm could even lower its esteem with its next launches such as the Huawei Mate Xs, or, with the P40, a team that could once again become the king of mobile photography.

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