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How to play Xbox One on Windows 10 PC with Play Anywhere

The Xbox brand is on its way to becoming an expansive platform rather than a single dedicated gaming device. In this way, it is not even necessary to have a console to enjoy all the titles of this brand. Here we will show you how to play Xbox One on a Windows 10 computer and how to make streaming of your favorite plays or complete games.

White Xbox controller in front of a console to learn how to play Xbox One on Windows 10 computer

All this, incidentally, thanks to the arrival of Play Anywhere, with which the transmission of games to a device with Windows 10 is possible almost effortlessly

With the Xbox One and computer in hand, this nifty guide is designed to show you how to properly configure both pieces of hardware with the intention of streaming games in less stationary locations. Please note, however, that Microsoft only recommends streaming to a device with a 1.5GHz or higher processor, as well as a minimum of 2GB of RAM over a home network connection.

First: check if it is necessary to transmit

Screen with Microsoft Xbox Play Anywhere crossplay games showing different game screens

You may not need to stream at all. A number of Xbox games are also available as downloadable applications in Windows 10. Because Xbox and Windows 10 play so well together, the data from these games will sync to your console. Start the game on your computer, and your progress will be transferred to your Xbox once you are ready to return to the couch.

To start, simply login on your computer, open the Start menu and select All applications. Since you're signed in to the same Microsoft account you use for Xbox, Windows may have already downloaded some of your games. Check through the list to see if your favorite game is there.

If you can't find a game, you can also go to the Microsoft Storeand search for a specific title to see if it is available for download. Make sure you are in the Windows games section. You can check if the crossplay is enabled by scrolling down on the option Available on the website of any game. Compatible games will be available for both Xbox One and Computer.

Streaming on a Windows 10 computer

First, make sure your Xbox One and the Windows 10 computer you're streaming to are up to date. To do this in Windows 10, click the button Start in the lower left corner of your screen and type "Search for updates in the text field. This can also be accomplished by clicking the button Home> gear icon on the left strip> Update and security.

Update Settings Screen for Windows 10

Xbox One updates, on the other hand, are installed automatically. Just make sure you are connected to the Internet and that the operating system version on Configuration> System> Console information match the latest edition of Microsoft.

Enable game streaming

After installing the updates, the first thing you want to do is turn on your Xbox One and navigate to the app. Configuration, either locating it in My games and applications or pressing Menu on the remote control: this is the same button as Start, directly to the left of the "X". Then select Configuration.

Xbox Settings screen to allow streaming

In the application Configuration, choose preferences and make sure there is a check mark next to Allow streaming of games to other devices in the column System and application. This option was enabled by default on our Xbox, so you may not have to do anything at all. Still, it doesn't hurt to check it out.

Connecting to your Xbox One

On your computer, download the Xbox console companion app, which helps control the connection between your computer and Xbox. It may have already been downloaded automatically to your computer.

Screen to connect Xbox to a Windows 10 computer

Then make sure that the Gamertag in the Xbox app match that of your Xbox One console, and select Connection at the bottom of the left panel. You should see a cone representing an Xbox One with waves protruding from it. Then a new screen will open, asking you to add a device. If you list your Xbox One console in that list, select connect. Otherwise, you must manually enter the IP address in the corresponding location.

If necessary, the IP address of your console can be found at Settings> Network> Advanced settings.