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How to navigate YouTube with incognito mode on Android

Youtube incognito mode

Incognito mode is a function that is not only limited to web search engines. This is also available in a lot of applications, and Youtube is an example of this.

In this new opportunity we bring you a very simple tutorial in which We explain how you can navigate YouTube (Android) with the incognito mode activated, in order to carry out searches and other types of actions without leaving any trace of the activity.

Browse YouTube in incognito mode

Among so many complex tutorials, there are always many that are very easy to follow, and this is a clear example of it. Before continuing, in the event that you do not have YouTube installed on your respective Android smartphone, you can get the app through the link located at the end of the post. This link will send you to the Google Play Store, to later download and install the application.

Now, to activate the incognito mode on YouTube, once inside the app, you just have to go to the upper right corner, which is the section Account. This is identified by the profile image of your email account, in case you have an established one and have already registered the address on the phone. There, several boxes will appear, but the one that should matter to you is the sixth, which has the name Activate incognito mode.

Logically, in Activate incognito mode This is where we will give you to browse YouTube privately. Once this option is selected, you will automatically enter incognito mode. From then on, you can carry out searches and other actions, and these will not be saved in the history of the app. As simple as that.

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To deactivate the incognito mode of YouTube, you simply have to press the function's logo, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen, so that a box appears at the bottom. Where it says Disable incognito mode is where you have to select to exit this.