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How to make group video calls with Facebook Messenger

videollamada grupo facebook messenger

A few years ago, Facebook created an individual app for its chat system. So Facebook Messenger was born, which you can use independently from the social network from any smartphone or tablet, either Android or iOS.

This app not only serves to send text messages, images and documents to your Facebook contacts, but it also allows you to make video calls. This feature is especially useful in moments of isolation and confinement like today.

In this article, we explain how to make group video calls with Facebook Messenger so you don't lose touch with your loved ones. We also teach you how to share your screen, add effects and play with your friends.

How to make a group video call with Facebook Messenger

The function of group video calls is available both through the website of Facebook like in the app Facebook Messenger. To do this tutorial, we have used the application, but use the platform that is most comfortable for you.

To start, you should video call one of your contacts. Open the app and tap on the conversation with that person. You can also tap on the pencil icon in the upper right corner and search for the contact you want to call.

Now, tap on the video camera icon and the call will be made. When they respond, you will already see, at the bottom of the screen, a new icon with a person's profile and the + symbol. So you can add more people to the video call.

This is not the only way to make group video calls. The following method is especially useful for those who make video calls with the same group often. In this case, you will have to touch the pencil icon and touch Create a new group.

Afterwards, it will be as easy as adding the people from your contact list with whom you want to make that group video call. You can also give a name to the group (useful in case you have several) and tap on Next at the top.

Now you can start the video call. If you just created a group, you will find the video camera icon at the top. When you tap on it, Facebook calls all the contacts in that group and you have to wait for them to respond.

This does not mean that the video call is exclusive to the people you added in your day in that group. During the video call, you can add anyone you want by simply tapping the silhouette icon again with the + symbol.

Next to the icon to add people, you will see that there are others with various functions. You can mute your microphone or turn off the video if you prefer. You can also share the screen of your device with the group to teach them something.