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How to activate the dark mode of WhatsApp on your iPhone step by step

WhatsApp dark mode

After many months waiting for it, the dark mode of WhatsApp has finally reached the iPhone officially. It was about one of the most anticipated novelties by all WhatsApp users, which are many since it is the most widely used messaging application in the world.

WhatsApp dark mode is available on both iOS and Android, although the way to activate it is quite different on both systems. While in the Google operating system there is the possibility of activating it in old versions from the application itself, in the case of iOS and iPhone is different.

WhatsApp dark mode, at least for now, is exclusive to iPhones with iOS 13 installed. These are due to the fact that their mode of operation is consistent with that of the operating system. That is, the dark mode of WhatsApp is activated only when the dark mode is activated on the iPhone. And since the dark mode is exclusive to iOS 13, if you have Sun older device with iOS 12 or earlier, you won't be able to enjoy it.

So you can activate the dark mode of WhatsApp on your iPhone

As we have mentioned, iOS 13 is essential for the dark mode to work on your iPhone, if you have an older version of the system you will not be able to use it. So the first thing you should do is update to iOS 13If your iPhone is not compatible, you have no option to use WhatsApp dark mode. To check the version of your operating system go to Settings> General> Software update and check that you have the latest version installed.

Now that you know that you have iOS 13 installed on your iPhone, it is time to go to the App Store to check that you have updated WhatsApp to a version compatible with dark mode. The mode Dark WhatsApp is available in versions 2.20.30 or later. To check it, just click on the WhatsApp link below, if in the App Store it says Open, you already have the latest version, if it is not your case, update.

Now that you've made sure that you have both iOS 13 and the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your iPhone, these are the steps you must follow to activate dark mode, there are several options so you can choose the one you like best:

  • 1 Option: we open the application Adjustments from the iPhone, tap Display and Brightness and then in Dark.
  • 2 Option: slide the Control center, tap and hold the brightness icon, and tap the icon ce in the lower left that says Dark Mode.
  • 3 Option: we open Adjustments, click on Control Center, under Customize Controls and locate the Dark Mode, press the "+" and add to the Control Center. When sliding it we will see this new button to quickly activate and deactivate the dark mode.
  • 4 Option: ask Siri to activate dark mode: "Hey Siri, activate the dark mode".

dark mode control center 2

With any of these ways You will activate the dark mode of the system and, therefore, the dark mode of WhatsApp. If you want to return to the light theme, you should follow the same steps, but deactivate the dark mode of the iPhone and WhatsApp.