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Hate to do the dishes? MIT robots could be the solution

It's a common dilemma, you love to eat but you hate washing dishes. It happens that you cannot buy piles of disposable plates because you are an adult and you cannot leave everything to accumulate in the dishwasher because it is not socially acceptable. So, What is the solution? MIT scientists think the answer may lie in robots.

Yes, to answer this dilemma that overwhelms many, a group of scientists from the renowned institution are looking for ways to teach robots to clean up the mess in the kitchen. MIT, whose robotic work has been quite innovative, has an ambitious plan for the future, one that has to do with making cyborgs capable of doing all the household chores that currently take our time and energy.

Nevertheless, teaching a robot to wash dishes is not an easy task. There are many aspects involved in the process that must be addressed so that everything works correctly. You need to find out what happens when objects are placed on top of each other, when they are rinsed, and when they are placed in the dishwasher. All these small but annoying tasks must be taught to the robots manually, for which it is necessary to give them some kind of human intuition.

The MIT group of scientists is trying to figure out how to create a system that can predict the way objects move, just as we do. After all, the ability to determine how many cups we can stack without breaking them is the key to being able to do simple tasks like washing dirty dishes.

These will not be manufacturing robots that will have specific work that they will repeat over and over again. These are robots that will have to deal with uncertainty. If a robot places dishes in a dishwasher, it must understand the subtlety of how they should be stacked. You must know that if you are going to fall, you must do something. You must be able to deeply understand your physical environment, said Ilker Yildirim, the researcher who leads the project.

All this will mean another step that seeks to give robots advanced artificial intelligence, consisting of both hardware and software that will aim somehow replicate neurons in the human brain. And while it is true that we have not yet reached this point, thanks to the work of MIT scientists we are getting closer.

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