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Has he made a like … You mean he likes me?

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One afternoon with friends and there I was. It will be difficult to forget the furtive gaze of first love, but it will be even more complex to leave the tortuous journey behind until you can meet that person. Not so long ago, when the internet does not yet exist, once seen the person who triggered our heartbeats, the next step was to find out his name and, who really tried, his home phone number. At that time, it was necessary to cross the heavy toll of the parents, who calls you? and all so that, most likely, everything would come to nothing when the crush was not mutual. Now everything is easier.

You see the person, Google their name and start following him on Instagram. She follows you and the game begins or maybe we should talk about flirting. A shy I like a photo that is matched by another like equivalent and the consequent hormonal rise; it seems that it works and the clock begins to mark the hours and you give them. Before you needed weeks or even months (who has not known that summer love who only sees from year to year?), Now in a couple of days the records are marked and two "likes" give the green light to give the following He passed.

A romance without risking self-love

A person creating a new Instagram post on their iPhone phone

Nobody likes rejection and before you played it open-pit: those approaches over the phone were very likely to end with a resounding "no" and without anesthesia. A frustrated interaction that hurts even the strongest personalities, but now it is not necessary to take so many risks: the professor at the Complutense University in Madrid, Amparo Lasn, explains in El Pas that "likes" allow flirtatious people to save the face, since almost no risks are taken.

But saving that aspect, then the strategy is equaled. The likes they correspond, but if any of ours remains without reciprocity doubts begin to arise. Does he not like me? What do you play It is like a message on WhatsApp read and unanswered. Although it is quite possible that on the other end of the line the other person is as interested or more interested than we are, but it is all a strategy. We all know better a prize that is difficult to achieve and it may be that the other person is pulling the string gently showing indifference.

Loves without patience

Couple arguing

If the thing progresses, the next thing in the approximation would be a β€œlike” to an old photo and who dares more to even write the first private message. Instagram knew well what it was doing when it incorporated a messaging system. Romance is now played in the background. Those who want to play harder or get to the point can always turn to Tinder or the like, where time is no longer wasted: a swipe of the finger determines the dream, and it does not matter if they reject us 20 because there they fish a net and something you will always take advantage.

But in the more subtle art of Instagram there are even guides with some rules that you must follow to avoid looking like a pervert or degenerate: the first one is not to go too far to like the first time or the other person thinks that you are a depraved person who delves into his past. The second and fundamental is to be calm since there is not much to lose here. Let us remember that there is no exhibition like in other times. However, this immediacy in romance is also transferred to the field of relationships: it is that in younger couples it seems that they do not have the patience of other times. And it is understandable.

Those of us who flirt in the time without internet or cell phones, we know well the effort to seduce our better half of the moment, as to spoil everything by an argument. Now everything is just a finger gesture away and if our partner, the same one we seduced on Instagram, has a week of bad character, it is very easy for us to do a dislike and turn the page again restarting the game. The worst thing is that, once the couple is consolidated, social networks can play a disturbing role in the relationship motivated by jealousy and misunderstanding. Was it better before? We would say that it was all very different, more vibrant, but much slower.

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