Galaxy A30: A shiny and eyebrow Samsung cell phone - Video

Galaxy A30: A shiny and eyebrow Samsung cell phone – Video

The galaxy at thirty that of the cheapest devices of the fair of San integrating a four-inch disputed screen that looks very good and that has a small one also the device has a very attractive body that reflects light in different directions and also It is available in multiple colors.
Unlike the fifties, this device only has two rear cameras, one of sixteen and another five megapixels.
On the front you find a ten megapixel camera.
As for the battery, this device has one similar to that of the galaxy, the highest-end phone moves us. Santos means that you did not have four thousand Venezuelan mines that would promise to last all day without many problems.
Of the thirty it also has three or four gigabytes of ram thirty two or sixty four gigabytes of storage and it has a thousand card slot in the back it finds its fingerprint reader that works quite fast also integrates Samsung Bay and you have.
The Galaxy Thirty has a processor that requires a seventy-nine zero four eight-core with the maximum speed of one point eight gigabytes.
The galaxy at thirty is postulated as a simplified version of the fifty allowing you to pay less to get a good experience.