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From a Madrid studio comes Unbroken Soul and its action platforms

It is clear that one of our predilections is action platforms, and we can hardly avoid going through these reviews of games like Unbroken Soul. A new one that has a lot of what we usually look for in the genre.

A retro action platforms in which we can move very well and which stands out for having a kind of “base” and more extensive levels than we are used to; Although we would always like them to be much more, but at the moment it is what there is from a mobile.

Retro as a winning formula

Unbroken soul

Mobiles is the perfect platform for this type of games in which the retro visual style allows a series of virtues and benefits, apart from not exerting great pressure on the resources and battery of our mobile. Perhaps the latter is the reason for the great barrage of titles in this category.

Unbroken soul

And the truth is that many of them have been able to perfectly imitate the classics to empower what is a great handling of the protagonist as happens in Unbroken Soul, although it is true that when we do the double jump that “maneuverability” is lost a bit. Otherwise we are dealing with a platform game that takes us to the most basic elements of the genre.

Double jumps, lower a platform, use of different weapons such as sword and bow and all those enemies that appear directly towards us to make things difficult for us. There's nothing that brings the genre back, but it does do it quite elegantly. If we add that it is in Spanish, we have a good platform to spend more than good times.

Your base to improve your team in Unbroken Soul

Unbroken soul

Like the great Blizzard DevilWe have a base from which we can improve our team and meet some of the characters that populate it. They are the merchants and they will give way to those new improved weapons that you will need.

Unbroken soul

We say it because you are going to face 9 unique bosses and that they are the protagonists of each of those 9 kingdoms that we are going to explore with our hero. In other words, Unbroken Soul does not lack anything to become your favorite platform game. Especially for the variety that there is in the mechanics and how we have to be cautious when rushing down a cliff; pay attention to the indications, as this will save you certain deaths.

What we liked a lot is the level extension and how there is no predefined “path” to follow, but you go from here to there to even get a moment to lose yourself; and come on, which is what you like in a platform exploration game. Because as the player anticipates everything, we can almost announce the uninstallation of the game in minutes.

A product of the earth platforms

Unbroken soul