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Fortnite challenges, week 5: Muscle shenanigans

Within the context of spas that forms the basis of the second season of Fortnite, there are five chiefs on the island; Every two weeks the Battle Royale revolves around another boss, which is also a skin you can get. By completing most of the challenges of a particular boss you will have a chance to win that skin. In week 5 our attention turns to the antics of Miasculos, the secret agent.

Week 5 marks the beginning of a new boss cycle with feline secret agent Miasculos. This fan favorite espa will give you the missions of this couple of weeks, concluding with the variant of its skin.

Challenges of week 5 of Fortnite

Fortnite week 5, the mischief of Miasculos
  • Find three chests in Campo Calgine or Seoro de la Sal
  • Eliminate five players with assault rifles from 50 meters or more away
  • Consume fish to get 400 health or shield points
  • Deal 200 damage points to players while using the cardboard box
  • Survive one each from at least five stories nine times
  • Deals 100 points of spike damage to minions
  • Visit Coral Cove, Conglomerate Cabin and Impact Zone in a single game, without swimming
  • Kick a soccer ball 100 meters away
  • Deal 400 damage points to players with the minigun
  • Visit Cala Naufragio, El Yate and Pond of Pescaos

The 10 tasks you will face this week are surprisingly difficult; You really must work hard to get the rewards. One of the most complex missions is to visit three different locations in the same game without swimming.

Tips for visiting all three locations

Fortnite season 2 scene

In this challenge, players must visit Cala Coral, Cabaa Conglomerada and Zona del Impacto; three locations found on the map. The twist on this particular quest is that you must visit all three locations in one game to complete it. Also, you can not swim at any time, or what you do not count.

Faced with such a complicated task, you will need some advice. First of all, we strongly recommend, even more than usual, that you do this in Team Rumble mode. You will have more time, fewer enemies and, more importantly, you can revive. Even if you die trying to visit all three sites, you can relive and try again.

Finally, you will need a vehicle or many materials. All three sites are on islands, but remember you can't swim. The best thing to do is look for a motorboat or a helicopter so you don't accidentally end up swimming. You can use materials to climb over water if necessary, but this should be your last resort, as it will take much longer.

Week 5 locations

Fortnite map, week 5: mischief mischief

The three locations you must visit appear on the map. We recommend you visit them in the following order, since it is a natural advance with which you do not need to go back or waste time.

Impact Zone

Impact Zone in Fortnite

Impact Zone is located on the large island that is west of Parque Pleasant and north of Arenas Ardientes, in section C2 of the map. Here you will find a large area where an airplane hit.

Coral cove

Coral Cove in Fortnite

Cala Coral is the second destination to which you must go after the Impact Zone. It is on an island northwest of Burning Sands and southwest of Tiburn. It is the island that is in table A2, just west of the previous one.

Conglomerate Cabin

Conglomerate Cabin in Fortnite

Cabaa Conglomerada is on an island slightly northwest of Setos Sagrados. It is in box A4 and is the last of a series of small islands. There you will find a ruined cabin.

Week 5 Challenge Rewards

Upon completing this mission you will receive 40,000 experience points.

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