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Five applications to better manage your money

It has happened to all of us more than ever that when we receive our fortnight, they pay us for a job, if you are one of those who are in batches, no matter what way you receive cash, we always start spending like crazy without register our expenses and after a few days we do not know where our money went.

When we have money we do not know what to spend it on and we buy things that we may not even need, but thanks to technology we can better control our expenses, how? With the smartphone, this useful device helps us to facilitate many of the tasks we do every day, and why not, we can also use it to control our expenses with these useful applications that simplify our work.


This is one of the applications that I liked the most, for example, if you intend to take a trip or buy a new smartphone, it is more than obvious that you will need money. The function of this application is very simple, we must define a period of time that we need to define our stated goal and it gives us the option of sending money to "our savings fund", normally the remainder of the week. After a while we will be able to go to our ?little guard? and check how much we have saved, without a doubt this application makes things easier for us when it comes to saving.

Download Zaveapp for Android

Download Zaveapp for iOS


This application is perfectly suited to users who have several bank cards, since we can review all of them from a single application. It is an application that helps us to spend more sensibly, that is, it aims to prevent us from spending foolishly, in addition to reminding us of accounts payable, thereby avoiding cuts in some services.

Download Mint for Android

Download Mint for iOS


This application has a more active method, since when performing actions that represent savings, we will earn points, in addition to the advantage of joining all bank accounts in a single application, this to consult all the movements in the cards without the need for be changing application.

Download Fintonic for Android

Download Fintonic for iOS

Clarity money

Sometimes we subscribe to several services that offer the first month for free, but we forget to deactivate the subscription before and they begin to charge us for the service, this is when this application comes into operation, since it shows us all the services that receive our income. In this way we can cancel the services we do not need and keep what is most convenient for us.

Download Clarity Money for Android.

Download Clarity Money for iOS


With this application we will be able to automate the saving of data for the period of time that we choose, be it fortnightly, monthly or weekly. It is an application designed for highly organized people, we just have to create an account, link the credit card and determine the amount we want to save. In addition we can monitor our movements all the time by means of graphs that show our steps taken.

Download Piggo for Android