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Find all the applications on offer with this new app

With the barrage of applications and games that become available in the Google Play Store It is essential to keep track of all those discounts. In The Free Android We bring you the best free and discounted applications weekly, but you may want to do the search yourself. Are you looking for a new way? Aim: Hoarder App.

Hoarder App is a new application dedicated to finding all the apps and games that are on sale in the Google Play Store. It keeps a list continuously updated, so it will be very easy to keep up to the minute. This way you will save a lot of money with the applications you want the most: App Hoarder can even let you know they dropped in price.

Install App Hoarder and it will inform you of all the offers in apps

Find all the applications on offer with this new app

The application was in beta until very recently, but now it is 100% operational. It is not too mysterious: as soon as you enter you will have access to a list with all the apps that have a discount, either partial or total. Each one has its discount and certain information regarding the Google Play. And, something essential, you have the option of filter by category, novelty, discount amount, valuation… App Hoarder is very complete.

Not only does it include filters or a search option, you can also create a list of favorite apps so that App Hoarder alerts you in the event that it detects a price drop. For this you will have to login within the application using the Google account. This has an added as this will remove them from the list the applications you already have acquired.

Find all the applications on offer with this new app

Hoarder App it is a free application with some advertising that you can remove with a micropayment; you have the option to remove the ads for a day in case you want to try the 100% clean experience; It is very useful to find free apps and games in addition to everything that drops in price; and it has an interface without complications, so you can find what you are looking for the first time.