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Facebook to give a million dollars to the media to fight fake news of the coronavirus

  • Each of the two organizations that Facebook is going to support is expected to receive $ 1 million.

  • The idea is that the journalistic institute of the same social network also gets involved in the fight against disinformation

  • Since before the coronavirus, the Zuckerberg platform had shown its interest in working closely with the news media.

Since it started in China, the coronavirus has had endless consequences worldwide. For example, it caused the closure of offices, schools, and production plants, for fear that the pathogen would continue to spread. It has also contributed to the panic of a good part of the public, encouraging unnecessary purchases and the shortage of various goods. To this must be added that a huge amount of disinformation circulates throughout the network.

However, some agents are already preparing to reduce the impact of these fake news. As part of its commitment to the coronavirus crisis, according to Adweek, Facebook has just announced that it will donate a million dollars to local media. This, with the aim of helping to scale the tasks of fact-checking around the myths about the pandemic that circulate on the web. This news was released through his official page.

The idea is that this money be awarded to two media organizations, the International Fact-Checking Network and the Lenfest Institute for Journalism. The first dedicate resources to translate your efforts fact-checking to various languages, as well as the production of content on the coronavirus. The second will grant aid of up to five thousand dollars to newsrooms in the United States (USA) and Canada to cover unexpected expenses caused by the outbreak.

Coronavirus and disinformation

Just the prevalence of fake news It has become one of the worst negative effects of the pandemic. In januaryFacebook promised that it would take additional steps to prevent disinformation from spreading about the coronavirus on its platform. Corona Brewery has suffered in its own flesh the prevalence of myths about this pandemic. Of course, there is no shortage of people who want to unveil conspiracy theories around to the origin of the pathogen.

Related Notes

Facebook's initiative should be positive in both the short and long term. With a million dollars, the International Fact-Checking Network will be able to scale up the production of material around the coronavirus. Hopefully, the above will help put the irrational fears of certain sectors of the population in perspective. And therefore, allow more people to remain calm and not contribute to the collapse of their respective public health systems.

On the other hand, the money that will be given to the Lenfest Institute for Journalism will have more long-term effects. The media is a business like any other, to which the effect of the coronavirus could limit its ability to earn an income. With financial support, not only can certain business disruptions be better dealt with. In addition, it will allow them to move forward long enough to return to normal once the pandemic is controlled.

Financial: The biggest effect of the pandemic

That companies and public institutions are willing to put so much money to combat the negative effects of the coronavirus is a positive thing. And it is that the disease will cost a lot, in financial terms. In Mexico, they have begun to close some physical premises and it is believed that each person could invest up to 16 thousand pesos to survive isolation. For its part, NBCUniversal wants to prevent its premieres from failing in the cinema, so launch them in streaming.

Several experts have also dared to calculate the economic impact of the coronavirus. In accordance with The GuardianThe scenario of a severe recession on a global scale is already inevitable. According PoliticalSeveral government authorities have refused to release estimates, perhaps for fear of causing panic among the public and companies. For his part, LiveMint He says that the effect on markets, reactions from governments and central banks are not positive.