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Facebook debuts redesign and dark mode on desktop

During its 2019 F8 developer conference, Facebook had announced that dark mode would also come to desktop mode and that there would also be a large redesign of the platform, which would look much more like the mobile version.

The truth is that in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, this Thursday, March 19 and while many were doing their preventive isolation, a notice began to arrive notifying them of the change.

As TechCrunch comments, “pTo activate redesign, go to the Settings Menu -> "View new Facebook".To disable it, users can go back and press "Switch to classic Facebook".

Dark Mode Facebook Desktop

What people who already have the new dark mode in the app report is that there is a much simpler and minimalist navigation, and that the tabs are now much more prominent: events, Facebook Watch, Groups and the MarketPlace.

At that time in F8, Zuckerberg pointed to two key things, the privacy of the platform and how to get more out of human interaction with groups at the expense of, for example, the Newsfeed.

"400 million people are in a Facebook group that is relevant to them," Zuckerberg said at the presentation. "And there are tens of millions of active groups. When people find the right one, it often becomes the most important part of how they use Facebook. ”

One of the things TechCrunch was able to try was the dark mode and these were his impressions:

Most notably, the new Facebook design brings dark mode, which can be toggled on and off via a switch in the Settings drop-down menu. It is designed to minimize glare on the screen while maintaining contrast so that it does not glare against a white background in a dark room, "the site maintains.

The truth is that the new desktop mode is quite similar to the one we already use from Facebook on mobile, giving greater importance to the personal profile and the data shared by your closest friends, in addition to resuming interaction in interest groups and reducing the pages from companies or media.

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