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Extraordinary measures in Spain: no returns or portability

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The coronavirus is right now the center of all the news in much of the world, and it is a subject that is even saturating us a lot, Although given the seriousness of the matter, it is entirely normal that it is the focus of information right now.

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In Spain we have been in quarantine for a few days, and the state of alarm has been decreed for at least 15 days. Now, the government has published the Royal Decree-law which includes the extraordinary measures to be taken during this state of alarm, And we are going to talk about two of the points that affect the mobile world.

Neither operator or rate changes nor return products: how extraordinary measures affect you

The coronavirus has been giving talk for the past year, but it was not until the first case of coronavirus in Spain and the subsequent cancellation of the Mobile World Congress when in Spain we began to be more alert with the subject, which in the end has ended by many of us stay in our homes, as recommended by the authorities.

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The government has already published the Royal Decree Law on extraordinary urgent measures
to face the economic and social impact of COVID-19, and there are several interesting articles that have to do with the world of telephony, The first of these, Article 19, which guarantees that citizens will continue to receive the provision of the telecommunications service.

Article 19. Guarantees in the provision of the universal service of telecommunications.
  1. While the alarm status is in effect, the service provider
  electronic communications designated for the provision of the universal service of
  telecommunications guarantee the provision of the elements that make up the service
  universal telecommunications and will maintain, as a minimum, the set of beneficiaries
  current, as well as the quality of the provision of the set of services that make up
  said universal service, in accordance with article 25 of Law 9/2014, of May 9,
  General of Telecommunications and its implementing regulations.

While in the following article the suspension of portability in changes of telecommunication service providers while the alarm state lasts. The portabilities that are in progress will be finished, but no new ones will be made while the alarm state lasts. Also, trade campaigns are prohibited of the operators that require this portability.

Article 20. Suspension of portability.
  While the alarm status is in effect, they will not be performed by
  electronic communications services extraordinary commercial campaigns of
  contracting of electronic communications services that require the portability of
  numbering, to the extent that it may increase the need of users for
  physically go to face-to-face customer service centers or carry out
  physical interventions in clients' homes to maintain continuity in
  For this same purpose, while the alarm state is in force, all
  fixed and mobile number portability operations that are not in progress, except
  in exceptional cases of force majeure

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Finally, we have the interruption of the term for the return of products while the alarm state lasts.

Article 21. Interruption of the term for the return of products during the validity of the
  alarm status. During the validity of the Alarm State or its possible extensions, the
  deadlines for the return of products purchased by any means, either
  face-to-face on-line. The calculation of the terms will resume at the moment in which
  Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, declaring the State, loses validity
  of Alarm or, where appropriate, extensions thereof.

In law, the interruption of a term implies that it is restarted completely, that is, if you had bought something a day before the alarm status was decreed and you had 7 days to return it, that term is not valid, and those 7 days will start counting from the end of the alarm state.

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