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Dubious applications that can be misleading. They can and want !!

Today I bring you a video somewhat different from what you are used to here at Androidsis, a video that is not about applications, a video that is not about games or a tutorial video on how to do such a thing. On this occasion, I bring you a vindictive video with which I want to teach you about the dangers that Android users expose ourselves directly, even by downloading applications from the official Google store, the Play Store.

And I say vindictive video, because I want to publicize these practices that, although they are legal and frequent in the Google Play Store, I think that they are unethical since it is very easy to deceive more confident or less experienced users that is in the end and after what they live dubious apps that can be misleading, or rather, cheating applications or applications that make you think that you really have to legislate these ways of acting.

WATCH OUT!! Doubtful applications that can be misleading, and are in the Google Play Store

In the video that I left you just at the beginning of this post, I show you a supposed free application that we can download from the Google Play Store, which already conveniently warns that ads are included within the app, (a logical thing as it is a supposedly free application), in addition to those already known by all purchases within the application commonly called in-app purchases.

When reading the description of the application, an application of those bullshit and striking of the many that is usually in the Google store, at no time are you warned that it is an application as a trial in which to be able to play it or to be able to test it, you will have to subscribe if or if the annual subscription costs nothing more and nothing less than 54.99 Euros a year.

We are going to download the application and for free nothing since you won't even be able to test it, and it is that to be able to try it even for just those three sad days that they offer you for free, you are going to have to contract a subscription, giving your data and consent to be charged annually to your credit card , Paypal account or payment method that you have assigned to your Google account.

This in itself, as I have already mentioned in the video and at the beginning of this post, is a practice that, even if it is considered legal, It is a practice as less suspicious and that can or tries to deceive or mislead and that you will be charged the almost 55 Euros of the annual subscription for little you get confused or that you do not have your Android well protected so that it asks you for confirmation by password or fingerprint for each and every one of the purchases made from your Android terminal and from your associated Google account.

I would like to know how much income is obtained by this application and applications of the same business style, due to errors by users or their young children who contract a trial service that, even if they specify it before downloading the application, the done and the little habit of reading what we are downloading, in this case buying, ends in an unpleasant situation in which at least 54.99 Euros are going to be hung all over our faces.

WATCH OUT!! Doubtful applications that can be misleading, and are in the Google Play Store

I personally believe that these apps you need paid subscription to even be able to test them, They should be in a special category in the Google Play Store in which in addition to being separated from free or single-payment applications, they are also well labeled, controlled and located by Google. Never as they are now revolted in an immense tangle of thousands and thousands of free applications that only charge you through a few ads.

In addition to the name of the application in question, it should also be informed that it is an application that works through compulsory subscription., And I say the name because it is what we all look at the most besides the screenshots,

Anyway, in the heading of the article I leave you the video in which I show you the application in question, one of those many applications that can deceive us and of those in Google Play, many more than I would like to recognize.

Applications in which the only way we have to protect ourselves, apart from read everything very well before downloading an application, it is keeping our Google account protected so that all the purchases we want to make ask us for a password or fingerprint. Especially if we leave our Android to the smallest of the house which is one of the most common things that we usually do on a daily basis.

I would like to vindicate what I say here that it is more than the normalization and regulation of these applications in separate and identified sections within the Google Play Store, You will see the video that I have left in the header of this same post as well as leave your comment on what you think about these practices that, always under my personal opinion and without representing anyone, I think they are looking for deception and to get an income at the expense of the errors of less experienced users or simply more confident users or minors, for example in the case of this application in question, like many others of this style, are applications that are designed and targeted for a child / youth audience. What coincidence don't you think?