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Compete against 3 players in Battle Racing Stars races

Halfbrick Studios is back again with another cool online multiplayer called Battle Racing Stars. We are facing an endless runner platforms in which we have to duel against three other players through a route with its limited length.

A new game from the creators of Dan the Man or Fruit Ninja. In other words, we are talking about one of the most experienced studios in launching mobile games and that are usually very popular among the Android gaming community. Go for it.

Fight against 3 other players

Battle racing stars

Battle Racing Stars brings us to some fun and fast multiplayer online racing against 3 other players. We have the main characters of those well-known adventures from Halfbrick Studios such as Jetpack Joyride, or the one that launched 4 months ago, and all the good work of this game studio for the best quality visually and technically.

Battle racing stars

The gameplay is based on managing our protagonist throughout a series of platforms where we move from top to bottom to switch between lanes. It is a platform in which our hero runs by himself and in which we have to avoid the problems that we can find along the way.

Like we fight against 3 other playersThese will also do the same with a series of skills that range from the turbo, and that entails that we give a good blow to the one that we have ahead, as well as various powers such as a protective shield or the use of the cut to stop the adversaries.

Pure online multiplayer with Battle Racing Stars

Battle racing stars

It is clear that the vice of Battle Racing Stars remains in the related space with how competitive it is. And of course, the variety of tracks in which we will battle against others is another of its greatest points. We will have from circulars, and in which we have to do two or three laps, before those unique ones with a beginning and an end.

Of course, apart from being first for this receive greater rewardsWe must try to collect all the diamonds and objects that are asked of us in some special events. That is, we have to stop the enemy, collect everything we find and choose the best lane so that those spikes do not stop us or use those advantages such as ice to move faster.

We can also unlock new characters, as is the case with Dan the Man, and improve them so that they generate more damage when attacking opponents or improve their jumping skills, turbos and more. Of course, we are dealing with a freemium game, so you can already get an idea of ??how it is going, although it does not prevent us from enjoying Battle Racing Stars as we have done with the other games from Halfbrick Studios.

Fun and a great finish

This study makes it clear that when they launch a game they do it in the best possible condition. In other words, you are going to have a great gaming experience in itself. Another thing is that you enter what you are looking for or that you simply do not like online multiplayer. Because the work put into Battle Racing Stars shows from the first second.

Visually, and like all the games in this study, we find their own language of visual design and those protagonists. The games are dynamic, environments well worked and you can see that each level is well pampered. The menus and everything in general is at a great height. Now is your part to invite friends and play together to enjoy your great experience.

Battle Racing Stars is the new game from Halfbrick Studios who arrives with the desire to become another of the brightest stars in his great catalog. If you are a fan of it, it takes time to install it to test yourself against those other 3 players.

Editor's opinion

A great online multiplayer from a studio expert in these skills and that brings its most popular characters.

Punctuation: 6.5

The best

  • Great achievement overall
  • Good number of characters to unlock
  • Variety of levels


  • It is vital that many players play

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Battle Racing Stars - Racing Games

Battle Racing Stars - Racing Games