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Compete against 10 players in real time in Motosport Manager Online

Motosport Manager Online has come with a lot of desire to become the strategy game of quintessential Formula E racing teams, and where you compete against other players online in real time.

Playsport Games has embroidered it with the continuation of the first three Motosport Manager, but with all the incentive that multiplayer online means; and that by the way we have missed very much in that saga in the first three installments. Here you will enter games in real time with other players to win a place on the podium.

Formula E and other championships

Motosport Manager Online

We must say that Motosport Manager Online also offers other vehicle competitions racing. What happens is that Formula E, even if it is that of electric and badly called "washing machines", attracts much more for that of approaching the competition of Formula 1.

Motosport Manager Online

Motosport Manager Online's main reason for being is compete against 10 other players in real time games. Each one manages two pilots, so the races are made up of 20 pilots. As it happens in the management of a real team, we have to control the moment in which our two pilots will enter the pit and the attack strategies.

Attack strategies are based on optimizing the vehicle's battery or taking full advantage of the wheels in order to be more risky, which means that they wear out faster. It is in this game of choice of rubber type (white, hard and more), like those moments when we have to use the power-ups where we can take advantage of the rest of the riders.

Evolve the two racing cars of your riders in Motosport Manager Online

Motosport Manager Online

Like we have to check the status of the circuit and the weather, since it can imply that a bad choice of tires leads us to be surpassed by the other riders. The other important component of Motosport Manager Online is the evolution and improvement of our cars and drivers.

Motosport Manager Online

We can focus on training some of them as well as spending money and game currency to improve the different parts of one of these sports vehicles. Here comes one of the most freemium elements, although it can be better carried if we are able to pull a great strategy in the race; what was said before going to change tires, optimize battery usage the vehicle or risk cornering with the wheels.

The fact that it is freemium means that we will need time for improvements as we progress and level up, just as we can go through the subscription that gives one more slot when we finish a race. That extra slot means getting more resources, and in the long run it shows.

Table of world leaders in an entire online multiplayer

Motosport Manager Online

Motosport Manager Online is an online game. Y that shows in the leaderboards, events and more. That feeling of fighting against other players is had from the first time that our drivers put themselves in command of their Formula E vehicles. And apart from having all the management of the evolution of the vehicles, we have more options like hiring new drivers. .

We are facing a very well embroidered game with many details. Real-time racing is exciting and full of detail. If the previous Motosport Manager were characterized by those circles to identify the cars in the race, here we have the same vehicle. The circuits are beautifully detailed with a great isometric view and it is almost a bird's eye view of them and very real. In short, a very round game in which all the details have been spoiled to arrive with a great and first version.

If you missed online in a Formula E team strategy game, Motosport Manager Online is going to fill all those past dissatisfactions with his great online and gaming experience. Of course, you are facing a freemium, so prepare to see the whales enjoy some advantages that when you have been playing for weeks will lead to frustration. It remains for you to have the necessary knowledge of years of watching Formula 1 to know when to press hard, when to optimize the tires and that ideal moment to enter to change wheels.

Editor's opinion

If the first three Motorsport Managers were great, here they embroider it with their multiplayer online to make a round game. Now it remains to update it periodically to add more content and more followers to what is the best racing vehicle strategy game from a mobile. Thrilling.

Punctuation: 7.5

The best

  • Graphically it is perfect.
  • Different competitions
  • Play online against other players
  • It is the consummation of the first three but added to the online


  • Not in Spanish yet

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Motorsport Manager Online

Motorsport Manager Online