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Comparison: WhatsApp vs Skype

WhatsApp or Skype are some of the best known and used messaging services. Then We will see all the possibilities that WhatsApp and Skype offer us to know which is better.

WhatsApp and Skype are instant messaging services which have increasingly integrated more news. Skype has always been a benchmark when it comes to video calls. WhatsApp, on the other hand, has always been, but in the case of the instant messenger.

Now that both services have both video calls and voice calls. It is difficult to know which option is more convenient for us or it is better to use.

Remember that these are not the only apps that have the possibility of making video calls since we saw 7 apps to make video calls where there may be some other surprises.

WhatsApp, complete and known

Image - Comparison: WhatsApp vs Skype

WhatsApp is probably one of the first applications that we download when we have a new mobile. It is a messenger service It has evolved a lot due to all the additions that have made it become one of the most complete, as well as used, apps in the world.

As we know, WhatsApp is most popular for sending and receiving messages or audios instantly than by video calls or voice calls. Although it is possible to carry out all the operations mentioned above, each time the objective with which it was born focused on the instant messenger is becoming more distorted.

Incorporation such as audios or stickers have been an example of change in the mode of communication between the WhatsApp users themselves, although it has various forms of communication.

Registration mode

In the case of WhatsApp, our account does not have any type of fixed password, but since we have our registered phone number, WhatsApp every time we log on to a new device, we will be asked to let's enter our phone number next to the confirmation SMS that we will get later.

Notably we must have a Google Drive or iCloud account, depending on the operating system that we have on our smartphone, in order to have both our conversations as contacts wherever we go.

Classic and recognized interface

Image - Comparison: WhatsApp vs Skype

Let's start by visually comparing both services. We must emphasize that both Skype and WhatsApp are cross-platform, that is, it has an app for Android, iOS, Windows

In this case, WhatsApp does not have the same functions on all platforms officially and we must bear in mind that to use WhatsApp from the computer, our mobile must be connected to the same WiFi network as the computer at all times. Although we have already seen how to make video calls through WhatsApp Web.

Visually, WhatsApp is easy, simple and intuitive. As soon as we open the application, we find three sections such as:

  1. Chats: This is the section in which we will find ourselves by default when opening the application. From here we can check recent conversations, groups and broadcast lists. It should be noted that it has a icon located at the bottom right through which we can open a new conversation with another contact.
  2. state: WhatsApp States have changed over the years. Now, we have a fixed one that we can change from the app settings. On the other hand, we have this section where we can upload photos and videos that all our WhatsApp contacts will be able to see, unless we hide them from settings.
  3. Calls: it has been a while since WhatsApp allows you to make both video calls and voice calls always through the Internet.

From this section we can check the call log that we have made through WhatsApp, as well as the possibility to call them back or make a video call with a contact that we select through the icon that shows a phone located at the bottom.

We can also make a call or video call through a conversation with that person or carry it out as a group, now that we know how many people there can be in a WhatsApp video call.

Inclusions in the multi-colored chat

Image - Comparison: WhatsApp vs Skype

Although we have already commented that through WhatsApp it is possible send images, files and audios, among othersWe would like to highlight some inclusions that have been introduced exponentially in our groups of friends:

  1. Emojis: Emojis have always been a fundamental part of WhatsApp since its launch. Although it is true that there are some new emojis, WhatsApp is also compatible with the emojis of the Google keyboard (Gboard) that since its arrival, have renewed in a subtle way the emojis section.
  2. GIFs: WhatsApp allows you to create your own GIFS through short videos. We also have the possibility to share those who are on the Giphy platform looking for them from the emojis section.
  3. Stickers: Also known as stickers in Spanish. The stickers are stickers, mostly created by the users themselves, through which we can express ourselves or just have a laugh because the vast majority of stickers that are created have to do with memes.

How to create your own stickers for WhatsApp

These are some of the inclusions in the chat although they exist more, such as the possibility of sending all kinds of files or share our location in real time.

Themes, your main customization

Image - Comparison: WhatsApp vs Skype

Personalization is always a section that we like to mention, because the possibility of putting the interface to your liking is usually good news For the users. WhatsApp is already available in dark mode and it was one of the great innovations that WhatsApp has included visually.

User experience

Usually, it is an app which works really well. Messages are sent and received almost instantly. In addition, in messages we can use italics, strikethrough or bold to highlight elements of the text. On the other hand, the emojis are varied Although we will not insert one there where we introduce punctuation marks similar to these.

The audios work correctly and the sending of files is somewhat limited since we can only send up to 100 Mb. Voice calls and video calls go through the Internet, as we have previously discussed, and depend more on Internet connection that we have at that time.

Although stability and the quality of the calls are quite good and instantaneous, since if we accidentally press to make a video call, it will jump to the other person before we have time to hang up.

How to make video calls on WhatsApp Web

Skype, the great acquaintance of video calls that goes beyond

Image - Comparison: WhatsApp vs Skype

As we have seen, WhatsApp is one of the most complete and popular services. Then we will see everything we can do with Skype.

Skype is a tool which has always been more focused on computers than mobile, although like WhatsApp it is cross-platform and we can use it on different devices.

Unlike WhatsApp, Skype can be downloaded on both mobile phones and tablets, since it does not need that the device in which we are going to use Skype must have any type of SIM card to receive SMS messages.

Registration mode

The registration method is done through email or phone number and password. After entering this series of data, Skype will give us the option to customize our username through which we can add contacts.

If we have added our phone number, other users who have us in the phonebook and have Skype synchronized with their contacts, They can add us without knowing our username.

Simple yet complete interface

Image - Comparison: WhatsApp vs Skype

Skype interface is really simple. Although it is true that the Microsoft platform has a somewhat different interface in its mobile app, compared to the desktop version, we will see what the interface is like in the mobile version, which is the device most commonly used to communicate with other users. .

In this case, Skype has three sections:

  1. Chats: It is the section to which the app takes us as soon as it is opened. From this section we can consult recent chats and enter them, in order to continue talking to our contacts.
  2. Calls: This is the call log in which we can quickly select a contact who has recently called us and make a video call or voice call with it.
  3. Contacts: On the right side, we find the contacts. As we can imagine, it is where all our contacts are found that we have added by username or on the contrary, through our phone number as long as our contacts have added their phone number to Skype.

In the desktop version the interface changes slightly although it is quite similar and has the same functions.

Chat inclusions

Image - Comparison: WhatsApp vs Skype

Although it may seem surprising, in this section Skype sticks out as it has a multitude of inclusions which it is possible that if we are not a user who makes a lot of use of the service, it will probably surprise us.

  1. Emojis: unlike WhatsApp, Skype has all its animated emojis And not only that, since it also has the possibility of recognizing emojis with orthographic symbols.
  2. GIFs: we can see and search GIFS.
  3. Adhesives: They are the Skype stickers, but in this case they are not customizable as in the case of WhatsApp, but they offer us a multitude of packs of stickers for us to choose which is our favorite among the multitude of themes and characters that exist.
  4. Mojis: they are a mix between emojis and GIFs since they show a state of mind and also, they have movement.
  5. Share photos, files, videos: Like WhatsApp, Skype allows the sending of files of all kinds. Skype allows you to send files up to 300mb compared to 100 for WhatsApp.
  6. Share location: Like WhatsApp, Skype allows you to share the location of a specific place but not in real time.
  7. Send and receive money: It is probably one of the least talked about functions. Sending and receiving money is possible and it is very simple, for this, we must have our PayPal account linked so that we can send or receive money instantly.
  8. Schedule calls: it can be useful if we are doing other tasks and thus not have to be aware of the time, but Skype can make a call automatically at a specific time that we have specified.
  9. Create Poll: it is a survey which we can create in different groups of friends to get to know their opinion.
  10. Share One Drive folder: we will can create public or shared folders with certain Skype accounts so that if we all have to make use of a series of files, we can do it quickly and easily.
  11. Share song with Spotify: Sharing albums or songs is possible through Spotify and in this case, we can carry out the process in a more comfortable way if we have a Spotify account linked to our Skype.

Skype also has the ability to send audios, take pictures from within the app and send instantly, among others functions that are common in both services.

With what s Skype account is with the possibility of having a balance in the account to call both mobile and landlines from other parts of the world From our Skype account, this is an action that, depending on what the operator charges us, can be interesting for us to save us some money.

Personalization, one step ahead

Personalization, as we have mentioned, is a beneficial section for the user with the possibility of viewing the interface as desired. Skype has had dark mode for quite some time, but in addition to this, the platform has the possibility of changing to a simpler view visually, ordering the chats, putting them as favorites

User experience

The experience of use is somewhat worse than in WhatsApp since the notifications in Skype enter in a somewhat less immediate way, like browsing the platform, which although it works correctly, is less fluid than in the case of WhatsApp. Voice calls and video calls are really stable, although as we always say in these cases there is also an external factor that corresponds to our

We really like certain possibilities that make Skype almost unique, such as the possibility of screen sharing and thus be able to teach a process or show any type of element which probably would not be so visible through a photograph.

What we like most about Skype is the possibility of having have our account open on several devices at the same time such as mobile, computer and tablet, although on the contrary we must say that if all of them are connected to the network, if we receive a call, it will ring on all devices.

What I like least is the management that Skype has on notifications because sometimes notifications get pinned to the notification bar and it is not easy to remove them.

What service to use?

WhatsApp and Skype are two really well-known services. WhatsApp would be more useful to carry out actions Quick as a short video call or a voice call, we would also use more WhatsApp for day to day and send messages with groups.

The truth is most users use WhatsApp on a daily basis so this would be an effective method. On the other hand, Skype is in general terms a much more complete tool than WhatsApp.

Skype is a tool associated more with the computer than with the mobile. Although both services can be used on both platforms, although WhatsApp with some limitations. Depending on the tastes and the use we make of the computer, are the variables that They will make us decide based on choosing one platform or another.

It is also possible that Skype is used for work and WhatsApp for leisure, although both tools offer a satisfactory experience in most processes. On the other hand, each one must assess on which platform they feel more comfortable or find it easier to start conversations with their friends.

In the end the best option is always to try both services Since we now know everything we can do on both platforms, one platform tends to be better than another despite the great similarities they share.

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What did you think of the comparison? For what have you decided?