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Carlings and the sale of digital clothing for social networks


Have you considered the relationship between ocean pollution, fashion brands, and social media? Well, the Carlings firm does, and it was thanks to this that they generated a remarkable campaign that we will see this time.

As you know, there is a large contamination problem in the oceans that has arisen due to excess plastic, according to data from the organization Earth Day, about 8 million metric tons of this material reach the oceans annually, and if it is Trying to pinpoint the main culprits, the fashion industry can't say much in its defense when the hard data comes up. As we share in one of our charts of the day, with figures from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the main source of origin of the microplastics present in the oceans are synthetic textiles, which are used by many firms of fashion today. In relation to this, it is that the firm Mckinsey Company also points out that the fashion industry has become the second most polluting in the world.

Unfortunately, although interestingly, the problem that the fashion world has increasingly generated also involves social networks, since, according to the same source, sales and production in the fashion industry have increased by 60 percent since the birth of social networks. Social media platforms have fostered the growth of the industry and consequently have promoted more pollution because in these social spaces people have come to share their outfits from day to day and are unwilling to repeat the same outfit in each publication they make in the different social profiles they have. This complex problem, linked to the current behavior of consumers regarding clothing, is the basis that gave the firm Carlings, and its agency VIRTUE, the brilliant idea of ​​launching a digital clothing collection under a campaign they titled " adDRESS THE FUTURE ”.

What is the adDRESS THE FUTURE campaign about?

In general, the Carlings effort can be understood as the definitive action that brands can take in terms of sustainable solutions to reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry. This is the creation of the first collection of digital clothing with an impact on the environment that is equivalent to zero percent, and this is because the VIRTUE agency and they literally developed virtual clothing for young consumers (between 18 and 25 years) that can be used on social networks to show their creativity with fashion without harming the planet.

As the campaign video explains, these garments emerge as a solution to the unsettled rule that people (particularly young people) cannot be seen in the same outfit more than once; data that was confirmed through a Barclaycard study, which identified that in markets such as the UK, up to 17 percent of young people who buy clothes online do so to wear them only once, take a photo for themselves on their social networks and finally return the clothing. With this in mind, the brand made sense of its proposal because these same consumers are people who are aware and concerned about the problems facing the environment.

Going into details, between November and December of the previous year, Carlings launched within his online store the collection (Digital Clothing Collection) from which only 5 steps needed to be followed. The first one consisted in choosing a product from this collection, then the photo was uploaded where the person would appear wearing the garment, later the process of purchasing the garment was generated, as would happen with any other item purchased online. Then, the fourth step is to wait because a designer adjusted the clothes to the image using the Marvelous Designer platform and finally the store shared the edited image with the client so that he could share it on his social networks. In this way, the brand and its agency managed to develop a clothing line with zero negative impact on the environment.

What did ADDRESS THE FUTURE achieve?

In terms of results, the Carlings campaign was the engine for the launch of its online store and made it the most innovative site in this market in terms of sustainable solutions to the environmental crisis facing fashion brands. The scope of the campaign reached worldwide being reported in recognized media such as Hypebeast, i-D, PaperMag, Vogue and Wired. In addition, traffic to the site was increased by 56 per story and the garments reached consumers in more than 30 countries throughout the trial period.

Finally and most interestingly for the marketers and advertisers, this effort managed to win a Grand Prix in the Personalized Storytelling & Experience category, as well as a gold, silver and a brook in the last edition of the Cannes Lions Festival.

Campaign Credits

Client: Carlings

Product: Digital Clothing Collection

Agency: Virtue

Executive Creative Director: Morten Grubak