Black desert online

Black Desert Mobile has a new region open: Mediah North

Black desert online

Pearl Abyss has decided to constantly update one of its franchise games, specifically Black Desert Mobile for Android. The developer launched “Nightmare: Lava Cave of Omar” on February 15, added Nouver as the new world boss and recently users received the Ascension of Classes.

A new region opens

The company announces that has opened the North Mediah regionAdventurers can from this moment explore the entire area in a complete way. In this new area we will have new content, missions and stories, an extension that will give this title a long life.

With the celebration of this content, we will find quite a few useful items in Mediah North, Ascension Scrolls, and Nether Grade Equipment. This becomes very useful for all Black Desert Mobile players of any kind, to have better weapons and better equipment.

NPC Patrigio will now have precious Smuggler's Chests up for sale with Mystical grade equipment. Adventurers who do not have enough silver to pay for such items can negotiate the cost with the inclusion of other items in the barter, something that becomes essential in this version.

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Forgotten Ancient Maze Event

The maze is a battlefield with up to five levels of play. After completing each level, the Adventurers will decide whether to advance to the next or not to continue. If you overcome each one of them gives us rewards, we can even get a pet.

If we die in the challenge, we will be left without getting any object, so it is important to decide if we advance to the next level or not. Black Desert Mobile will have a lot of updates Periodically, Pearl Abyss herself has promised this since joining the Google Play Store.