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Best Apps and Games for iPad of the Week (March 3, 2014)

The best games and apps for iPad and iPad Mini from this week's App Store

The App Store is always continuously updated and there are many applications and games for Apple tablets. As it is impossible to test them all, at iPadizate we try to help you with a small list of the best apps and games that we have tried and that have been downloaded the most during the week.

In the variety is the taste and this week we have tried a lot of different apps. First we have been looking for a house with HD home, to later see how a reform would be thanks to Home Desing 3D Gold. We have also prepared documents from our iPad using Spanish Textilus, but since not everything is work, we have had a great time with the multiplayer mode of Terraria and dancing with SEGA GO DANCE.

The best applications and games for iPad that we have downloaded in the week of March 3

Home Design 3D Gold

Nobody likes to do works at home. Having everything messed up, everything full of dust, people doing different tasks, but many times we have no other choice if we want to make a change to our home. Home Design 3D Gold is an app for iPad that helps us in the previous steps, that is, when planning the work. With this app you can make a 3D design and get an idea of ​​how your house could look after a certain work. It includes everything you need to do a complete virtual remodeling of a house before turning that 3D design into something real. Very useful.

Spanish Textilus

Finding a good word processor for iPad is not an easy task. There are some pretty good apps in this field, but none have just been comprehensive enough and we always run into a problem. Textilus Espaol is an app designed exclusively for iPad and offers advanced functions for editing text from an iPad. An option to consider without a doubt.


Email clients are having a second life thanks to mobile devices. There are many options that we find in the App Store, some better than others and others that simply do not have where to take them. Boxer is one of these options and lately it is giving a lot to talk about. It is a flexible email manager with a very minimalist design. If doesn't convince you, maybe you should give it a try.


It is possible that on more than one occasion you needed to access a computer that was not close to you or even your own computer, but you were away from home and you couldn't. With TeamViewer this will no longer be a problem. It is a very simple app that allows remote access to any computer. The only requirement is to install the software on the computer, know the equipment ID and password and you can access it remotely in a very convenient way. Be like being in front of the computer, even if you are really thousands of km away. Very useful!

HD home

Even now that there are so many empty flats in Spain it is not easy to find the ideal one for us. Generally, looking for a rental apartment, or even to buy, becomes a very difficult task, but with apps like Fotocasa HD the search can be a bit easier. The app shows us infinity of properties that the owners have put for rent or sale. It allows you to search using different filters: price, number of rooms, condition of the house. It also shows photos of the houses, so that we can see them before contacting the owner or the agency that has published it.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

If you like car racing games Asphalt 8: Airborne is for you. It is a very complete racing game and has a large catalog of different cars, among which we find authentic jewels.


SEGA GO DANCE is a dance app for iPad and iPhone with which you can have really fun times and, at the same time, improve your dance skills. Play a song, put the device on a table and dance. You can take photos with the FaceTime camera while dancing to the rhythm of music. Follow the instructions, do not fail and defeat your friends in the dance challenges.


Zombies are more fashionable than ever and the games in which these characters are the protagonists have become a real boom. Deadlings is one of these games. In it you will have to overcome more than 100 levels full of puzzles and action. Are you going to miss it?


This is an old acquaintance and surely many of you will already know him. A free adventure game in which each world is completely different. Now it has been updated and includes some new features, perhaps the most important is the new multiplayer mode to enjoy the title with friends.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light HD

Lara Croft is a name that needs no introduction. All fans of video games will know him and in this installment you will have to join Lara in the deep jungles of Central America in search of the mirror of smoke.