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AppsX365 Allow Redeem Points Earned for Real Money

AppsX365 for iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s and other models

A few weeks ago we told you about AppsX365, an app that discovers new apps from the App Store every day and, in many cases, allows us to download them for free.

But AppsX365 is not limited only to this, but It also allows us to get points through different actions that we can later exchange for different rewards or prizes..

The actions are varied, although the most important are based on perform actions such as sharing on Facebook or Twitter any of the apps that are on offer and that shows AppsX365 or recommend the app to our friends. The latter will be something that helps both of us, since he will receive a series of points for having received an invitation and we will also receive points if he accepts our invitation.

It is important to get the maximum amount of points possible, since the more we obtain, the more possibilities we will have to obtain prizes And with the novelty that the app will soon interest you, we are sure.

AppsX365 allow registered users to redeem their points for real money

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<p>The developer of AppsX365 has announced to us in scoop that in a short time <strong>allow registered users to redeem the points they have earned in real money</strong> and that this money will be transferred through PayPal to people who want to redeem their points.</p>
<p>It is certainly good news and it will surely please more than one. At the moment the prizes are based on the possibility of downloading apps for free, but this change will make using the app more attractive soon, since nobody dislikes being able to earn a few euros in exchange for taking some actions from your iPhone.</p>
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<p>This novelty will not make the rest of the mechanics of the app change. <strong>Continue offering us a compilation of apps every day that we can download completely free of charge</strong> and continue to allow us to download paid apps with the points we obtain for the use of the application if we so decide.</p>
<p>It is not the only app that offers us every day the offers that appear in the App Store, but <strong>possibly one of the few that really encourages participation</strong> of those who use it and with the new option that will be available in a short time we are sure that we will be able to differentiate ourselves even more.</p>

<h3>Download AppsX365 for iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s and other models</h3>

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