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Apple rides the wave of folding devices

An application for registration for the probable development of a foldable iPad, which could enter a joint operation mode, "Apple has filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

With this feature, the tablet could be divided into two screens, as is the case with its next-generation simile from Microsoft, called Surface Neo.

The patent covers multiple electronic devices and displays () (the teams) can use sensor measurements and other information to detect when an edge of a first device is adjacent to an edge of a second, the Patently Apple website detailed.

Thus, each terminal can go from an independent operating mode, to operate autonomously, to a joint one, in which resources are shared.

Apple rides the wave of folding devicesPatently Apple

Under this second formula, images can be spread across screens, speakers can be used to play different channels of an audio track, cameras and sensors can be used in cooperation with each other, and other resources can be shared.

Patently Apple ensured that thanks to magnetic components, devices can be held together in a variety of orientations and work cooperatively with beveled case edges and other structures to help keep them in a common plane and independent configurations, so that they function without being physically not aligned.

Among others, the Apple patent application provided images of a diagram of a pair of adjacent electronic devices that could be folded, as well as side views of a pair of electronic devices supported by a flexible box with an internal hinge structure and folded over themselves.

Identified with the number 10,585,708, the document was published on Wednesday, March 11, 2020, but is archived during the second quarter of 2017.

Taking into account that this is a patent application, the time of commercialization of said product in the market is unknown, Patently Apple concluded.

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