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Apple recovers in China and makes fundamental decision

Little by little, the number of coronavirus cases began to drop in China, precisely the country of origin of the pandemic and which forced store closings and the cancellation of massive shows.

The good news is that people's health is better, and that is something that the technology industry also celebrates in the main cities of the Asian giant, such as Apple, which announced that it will reopen the 42 stores it has in that country.

"It seems to me that China is controlling the coronavirus," CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with Fox Business two weeks ago. I mean you look at the numbers, they're going down day by day. And then I am very optimistic there, ”he pointed out.

Precisely that impulse was the one applied by those of Cupertino to reopen the stores that were closed in an obligatory way since in February the worst phase of the crisis in China was unleashed.

Apple Store Beijing

All this, moreover, is accelerated to regain economic prospects. As Reuters maintains, "The company sold less than half a million iPhones in China in February, government data showed in the second week of March, as the outbreak cut demand for smartphones in half."

What happens in other countries

However, even when the news is auspicious in China, in the rest of the countries one cannot speak of the same situation.

In Italy, for example, all Apple stores are closed, while in the United States and Canada employees have precise instructions not to show products to customers, unless users expressly ask to manipulate any device to buy it.

They are also taking other measures, such as separating the seats of their stores from each other so that people are not in contact, or more cleaning and disinfection of their equipment.

On the other hand, the traditional program that is carried out in Cupertino stores, "Today at Apple" will be postponed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 until further notice.

"Today at Apple" generally offers free, hands-on group sessions focused on photography, video, music, encoding, art and design, and more in the stores of the US firm.

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