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Apple promises to fix YouTube app's battery drain problem

One of the most widely used mobile apps after instant messaging isYoutube,which a large number of users give it daily use on their tablets and smartphones, however iOS users are experiencing a problem with this application because having it active translates into a large consumption of battery for iPhone and iPad.

Several users have reported this peculiar problem that only happens in the latest version of the operating system, specifically it isiOS 11.1.1,and said expense can be found in the section onBatterywhich is found in the settings of Apple devices, and in which users realized the consumption that the Google service was draining the battery in a disproportionate way.

When notifying this problem, YouTube replied that they were already contacting Apple people to fix it, and Apple has recognized the problem since the battery drain error is 20% of the total if the application uses just 30 minutes.

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