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Apple explains how to survive work from home with its products

Apple explains how to survive work from home with its products

The coronavirus has forced various companies around the world to allow employees to carry out their work activities from home, which is good news for some, while for others, it is a real ordeal. To make the process a little easier, Apple has told us how to survive working from home with its technology, regardless of whether you are a supporter or a detractor of this practice.

Hardware for working at home

iPad Air next to its box

There is little doubt: Apple computers, from an iMac to a MacBook Pro, are excellent allies to carry out any professional project, but those from Cupertino say that their others hardware They should also be taken into account.

For example: they indicate that an iPad can be configured as a external or secondary monitor for Mac, thanks to the functionality provided by Sidecar. Also, with this tool and an Apple Pencil, it is possible to use the iPad as a drawing tablet; the result of the creation is seen on the linked computer screen.

The Californian firm specifies that users now have the possibility of running multiple applications at the same time on the iPad, through Slide over, as well as sharing information between them in a more intuitive way.

Regarding its new AirPods Pro, Apple says that they can help you focus on your tasks, all thanks to its active noise cancellation and superior and immersive sound.

Apple remembers that it is easy to work across all your devices, especially those that are linked to the same iCloud account. Some tips it offers in this regard are:

  • Copy and paste. Unlike other systems, it is possible to copy text, images, photos and videos on an iPhone, iPad or Mac, and paste the content on another Apple device without complications.
  • Take up the action. No problem if you start a document or email on one computer and you have to switch to a nearby one. With Handoff, you can pick it up where you left off.
  • Share your creativity. If you create a sketch on your iPad or iPhone, insert it on your Mac, whether in an email, message or document, with the Continuity of Drawing function.
  • Send files instantly. With AirDrop, send documents, photos, videos, and sites to a nearby iPhone, iPad, or Mac, wirelessly.

Software for working at home

Group FaceTime interface

Obviously to perform video calls group, Apple recommends Group FaceTime, in which up to 32 people can participate through their iPhone, iPad or Mac. instant messenger, highlights Group iMessage, where each member of a work team has the option to send and receive photos, videos and audio messages, among other options. In both cases, and to ensure the privacy of users, video conversations and messages are end-to-end encrypted.

Like Google and Microsoft, Apple has its own package, made up of platforms such as Notes, Pages, Keynotes and Numbers. Likewise, they allow collaboration in real time through an iPhone, iPad or Mac, which means that any member of the team can make changes, even while on the move.

The firm ensures that in the App Store there are also a host of tools that facilitate group collaboration, such as Slack, Crew Messaging and Scheduling and Zoom. It also indicates that the store editors have created various collections to succeed in remote work.

Lastly, Apple says that iPhone owners have the Do Not Disturb tool at their fingertips, for those times when they need to focus or not have interruptions due to being in a meeting. What this tool, which can even be activated with Siri, basically does is mute calls and notifications.

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